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Special Email Update from Principals ~ March 24th

Good evening, FSK! 

Please make sure to READ THE PRINCIPALS’ EMAIL UPDATE ABOUT IN-PERSON LEARNING IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX  that was sent by Mrs. Kasner on March 24th, evening!

Mandatory Orientation for all families returning to in-person learning:
Wednesday, April 7th
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
* Zoom link shared by email

Also, please review the SFUSD INFORMATION on how Families can prepare for a return to in-person learning:

There are still many details we are working out (intake & dismissal entrances & protocols, specials schedules, etc.) and will communicate more with you after Spring Break.  As always, thank you for your compassion and patience.

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  • Carolyn Sideco / Reply

    Good morning. I’m unable to access the 3/24 principal’s email update. Apologies if it’s limitations on my end, but none of the hyperlinks take me to the actual letter.

    Thank you,
    Carolyn Sideco (Myles 5th)

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