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Community & Inclusivity

School Profile

Our Curricula
FSK is fully implementing the Common Core curriculum in all grade levels and programs, including Special Ed and English Language Development.

• Comprehensive Approach to Literacy – Reading and Writing Workshops

• Daily 30 minutes English Language Development (ELD) for ELs

• A balanced approach to mathematics including conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and procedural fluency

• Opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful, rigorous mathematics.

• 12% of our student population receiving special education services daily

• Special day classes for students with multiple disabilities

• Resource Specialist program

• School-wide Inclusive practices for all students

• Emphasizing and promoting healthy body, healthy mind via daily physical activities, proper nutrition and healthy eating

• 200 minutes of Physical Education instructions bi-weekly; one lesson per week is led by our P.E. Teacher, other lessons led by classroom teachers.

S.T.E.A.M. Program
Science: Focusing on in class experience and out of class learning including Next Generation Science, Gardening program, Science Sacks field trips, and hands-on experiments

Technology: Promoting Computer Literacy instruction, computer science (coding) and technology Integrated instructions with full-time certificated computer teacher in computer lab and teachers in each classroom with access to multiple platforms and devices.

Engineer: Focusing on hands-on, project-based learning via PBLs,  FSK Maker Faire and Design Challenges.

Arts & Music: Offering weekly visual and/or performing art lessons and experiences to students to encourage creativity, communication and exploration through Art-in-Action, Instrumental Music, Symphony Education project (AIMS) and Artist in Residency programs.

Mathematics:  Integrated in all subjects and highlights connection to real experiences.

• Fostering a learning environment that develops and supports students social/emotional skills, practicing Restorative Practices, Response to Intervention (RtI) and implementing the  Second Step curriculum school wide.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH.  Each month, students from every classroom are recognized by their teachers for their excellence in various categories, including:   creativity;  sense of self/purpose; leadership/collaboration; Principal’s award celebrating FSK Vision; empathy/inclusivity; career/life skills;  global/digital identity;  content knowledge; and celebrating excellence/volunteers/event chairs.