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Community & Inclusivity

Principal’s Message

Welcome to a new school year!  

I hope you had a great summer break and enjoyed your time traveling and/or spending time with families and friends!  Whether you are a new or a returning family, I hope you are getting ready to join us for an exciting school year ahead at Francis Scott Key.  As always, I am very proud to be a part of this exceptional community and excited to continue our work with our students and families.

To kick off the school year, our dedicated staff will be returning to school the week before school starts for professional development and planning. Our staff will continue efforts to implement strategies that support all students both in academic skills and social emotional development. Our S.T.E.A.M. education has allowed us to align learning activities to the visions of our school and SFUSD of building 21st century skills and the graduate profile. We are confident our students will continue to thrive and to have a successful, productive year!

During the school year, here is updated information to keep in mind:

Morning Assembly and Announcements: We will hold assembly only on Mondays at 7:50 am on the yard for announcements and celebrations. From Tuesdays to Fridays, after the morning bell, students will be dismissed to their classes. Parents/Guardians, please check our website for event dates and community announcements.

Daily Schedule:  School starts at 7:50 am.  If you arrive at or after 8:00 am, students need to get a tardy pass from the office. All gates will be locked with exception of the front door on 43rd Ave at 8:00 am. School dismisses at 1:50 pm.

School-home Communication:   To be environmentally-friendly and to conserve resources, we are moving into digital communication. Our school website was updated in 2018. All PTA flyers and school announcements, with the exception of forms that require signatures, will be posted on our website for your access at your convenience.  If you need paper copies of the materials or if you do not have access to our website, please let your students’ teachers know. We will try to accommodate the various needs accordingly.

Under the leadership of FSK PTA Executive Board, we have designed a series of community events for families to get involved and connected. Please view our calendar on the home page to stay updated on all our school events.  Your commitment to the school community is what makes the school a unique place for our children to learn, grow and thrive. Our dedicated and energetic teachers and staff are ready to work with all our students once again this year.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the first day of school.  Thank you for being so fantastic and amazing!

All the best,

Mimi Kasner, Principal