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PTA Newsletter ~ March 26

Who’s ready for Spring Break?!? You. Me. Students. Educators. Staff. Everyone! Wait! Before tuning out this note, please take a look at the ABOVE NEWSLETTER and read below for important highlights & gratitude. Thank you!

Please continue to check and read our Principals’ and Educators’ emails with updates on our FSK School Reopening plan, beginning April 12th. If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s educator for class or grade-level specific information for on-site learning plans.

1. Thank you for a successful Online Auction!!! We were able to raise much-needed funds for our school, especially as we get ready to purchase new audio hardware equipment for each classroom, renew our online software licenses, and get a few more air purifiers.
—> Did you miss our Online Auction? You may always support our school with a direct donation, please visit our donation page:

—> Did you miss a chance to sign up for the Pegasus Parade activity on April 9th? Email our Auction Chairs at immediately and find out how you may still sign up for one of the remaining 20 spots!

  1. March 29 – April 2, Spring Break, No school. Enjoy a restful break and continue to be safe. 🙂


  2. April 7 – Mandatory Orientation for families with kids returning to on-site learning! Wednesday, April 7th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Please check your email for Zoom link for the orientation.


  3. April 9 – SFUSD placements deadline! If you’re a 5th grader leaving FSK or family with an incoming sibling to FSK, make sure to accept your assignment for your school in the Fall by the SFUSD EPC deadline of Friday, April 9th!!! Here is a video to help you with that acceptance process:

Thank you to all our FSK staff and educators for working around the clock to prep our school for on-site learning ~ WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR TIRELESS WORK!

A BIG THANKS to all our FAMILIES & STAFF for supporting our FSKAPE Online Auction & Virtual Event sessions! We appreciate our Auction Chairs, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and session hosts/leaders. Our community is incredible and super supportive. You showed up and helped push past our goal to raise much-needed funds for our school as we get ready for our reopening next month!

Enjoy a restful and safe Spring Break! We’re in this together, FSK!

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