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PTA Newsletter ~ December 4th

Wow…has it already been 15 weeks of learning?   I hope you are all surviving the Holiday Season and all else happening.   There are 14 days till our kids are on Winter Break…hang in there, we are all in this together.

I know you secretly countdown to each Friday in anticipation of our fabulous PTA Newsletter, so here it is (CLICK ON ‘DOWNLOAD’ ABOVE) ~ enjoy!   Read below for our Gratitude and Highlights, as well as a note from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page, and breaking news about the SF Stay at Home Order.  Also, if you’d like a delicious Sunday Dinner, please get in your BaskSF order by emailing by 4:30pm TODAY and Pick up your order outside our FSK yard on Sunday 12/6 evening (safely, with masks on and distancing enforced). Thank you.


1.  English Learner Advisory Committee Meeting (virtual) TODAY, Friday 12/4, 7:00pm.

2.  Please fill out our  SNCC Survey by Monday 12/7.  This is a community effort and we want to hear from EVERY FSK family!  Please also plan to attend the SNCC Community Meeting (virtual) on 12/10, 6:00pm.  The SNCC Committee will be facilitating a positive discussion with our FSK Community. More info will be shared in their email, being sent separately.

3.  FSK Passport: Fall Edition has been such a huge success in supporting local businesses and our school.

4. PLEASE SUPPORT FSK – we rely on the donations from our FSK community to keep our school a strong, close, and supportive one for all of our 560 students and 90 staff.

— Direct Donations are always welcome and the quickest, most direct way to give to our school. Donate online today at

Become a PTA Member: can you help us get to 200 Members by December 31st, 2020?  Join today and let’s make it happen!!! We hope to have 250 members by school year-end in the Spring!!!

–New FSK Kids-sized MASKS are now available!  Shop online and coordinate pick up or delivery. There is also lots of other great FSK Swag, get some today before we run out!

Our Educators & Staff are incredible and we are so thankful for each and every one of them!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thanks so much to our super Room Parents for helping our educators/staff and keeping our classroom families updated on all PTA and community news. Our room parents’ help in sharing our PTA Newsletter and all other communication has been vital during distance learning and is greatly appreciated!!!

One more note ~ Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page just sent out an email today morning; please read it thoroughly.  If you are a parent of a K-5 Moderate/severe SDC, Kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade student, you should have received an email from the District on Wednesday 12/2 titled “[Important] Sign Up for SFUSD In-Person or Continue Remote Learning” in which you were provided a personalized Google form survey for your child.   In this survey, you are given the opportunity to determine if you would like to send your child back to in-person learning or remain online. Grades 3-5 Gen Ed will continue online learning for now.  Please reach out to our school secretary, Ms. Betty ( or Ms. Kusuma ( if you have any questions or did not receive a survey for your child and believe you should have.


We are all in this together, FSK!   Take good care ~ be healthy & safe!

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