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Lights On After School  


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09/10/2018 1:02 pm  

Hello FSK Family, 

Please join us in the nationwide celebration of after school programming. Lights On After School is an after school wide event that highlights the importance of after school programming. After school programming creates safe and supportive environments to all students, support working families and provides opportunities for students to grow and develop their social and emotional learning skills through active play and hands on activities (clubs). 

On Friday, October 26 we will show our support of Lights On After School by engaging in meaningful activities about the importance of after school programs. These activities include:

-Conversations about why we love after school programs

-Decorating paper light bulbs, illustrating things we learn and engage in during after school 

-Personalizing yellow balloons that describes each student and things that they love to do during after school


At 5pm we will gather on the yard to release our balloons in the air (and catching them)


What you can do:

-During the week of October 22nd, we would like for you to write a few words on our banner (made by students) about why after school programming is important to you. 

-Ask your student(s) about their personalized balloon and how they chose to decorate them. (Hang them around the house!)

*Check out our monthly newsletter posted on the ASLP board located to the left of the front office! (Copies are available at the front desk. Limited amount available)

Thank you for all of your support! 


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