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2nd Grade Picnics in the Park

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Sundays - November 4, March 3 & June 9
1:00 - 4:00pm

Join the party - bring siblings and anyone else!
This is not an official FSK event, just a chance for the families to get to know each other.

Things to bring (ALL are optional!)
Food for potluck (late lunch, snacks)
Toys and balls for the kids to run around with
$1-2 dollars towards cost of the meadow reservation

Holly Coombs (Ethan's mom, Rm 217)

Molly Layshock (Alistair’s mom, Rm 217)

Pioneer Log Cabin Picnic Area, Golden Gate Park
The meadow is located by the intersection of JFK Drive and Stow Lake Drive, next to the cabin.
Please note - this area is closed to cars on Sundays.
There is often ample parking on Transverse Drive near the intersection of JFK Drive, or around the lake on Stow Lake Drive (enter from MLK).

Google Map -

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