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Principal’s Monday Message ~ August 31st

Happy week 3!  We hope you are all beginning to find your groove with Distance Learning. And this week, you will start to attend your Specials classes! Ms. Heffernan, Mr. Speidel, Ms. Applin, Ms. Cara, Mr. Aaron and Ms. Perry are so excited to begin working with you!  We hope you enjoy another week full of community and learning!  Thank you to the students and families who have visited our virtual office and asked us questions!  Please check out the short video from Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page, below.

Some reminders for this week:

1. We’d like to give a big shout out to the parents and Sunset Church members who have been volunteering their time to support our school with various tasks! We appreciate your dedication and service.

    • As a site, we have deployed more than 350 devices, 100 hot spots and more than 95% of our families were able to come pick up printed materials for their children! Thank you to all our families for working so closely with us and continuing to be such a strong partner!
    • We have limited opportunity to enter the school building. If you still have tech needs (pick up or exchange a device or need a hot spot) please reach out to Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page and we will figure out a day and time for you to pick up.

2.  This year during Distance Learning, the District is supporting school sites to perform formalized Wellness Check-ins with their families four times throughout the year. While we know many of you are in consistent communication with your child’s teacher and various FSK staff, the first round of formal check-ins will take place over the next couple of weeks. You and your family may expect an email or phone call from your child’s teacher or another FSK staff member to check in and see how you and your family are doing during Distance Learning. If you need immediate support or resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Kasner, Ms. Page or Ms. Hong (our school Social Worker) or visit the Family Resource Page here.

3.  Some of you may have noticed that our FSK playground is open for the public on the weekends! We ask that you continue to practice safety protocols as you are using a common space. Please also practice social distancing, wear your mask and always wash your hands. We ask that, as you and your family are allowed to use the open space, that your children do not play on the play structure and remember to treat our space with kindness and respect. Thank you!

4.  Our FSK literacy specialist, Missy Keadle will be offering some family Literacy workshops during the month of September! While we are planning, we would like to hear more about your literacy needs. Please fill out this short survey if you have any ideas or questions! You may also view our FSK Literacy website here. There will be 4 different sessions throughout September based on various grade levels and areas of focus. There is no need to sign up! We hope to see you there. Please see the schedule below:

  • Thursday 9/3 from 5:00-6:00pm // K-2 Reading workshop:  Zoom Link; password: Literacy. 
  • Thursday 9/10 from 5:00-6:00pm // 3-5 Reading workshop;  Zoom Link; password: Literacy
  • Thursday 9/17 from 5:00-6:00pm // K-2 Writing workshop; Zoom link coming soon
  • Thursday 9/24 from 5:00-6:00pm // 3-5 Writing workshop; Zoom link coming soon

5.  Families, please update all your personal information on ParentVUE! If you still haven’t signed up for ParentVUE, contact Ms. Page. All direct communication from FSK and SFUSD uses the phone numbers and emails that are listed on ParentVUE. Please make sure your contacts are updated so you may receive all pertinent information from us!

6.  This year, due to Distance Learning, instrumental music with Ms. Perry will be a little different. All 4th graders will learn the recorder and have weekly synchronous lessons with Ms. Perry. The 5th grade students will continue with their same instrument and have weekly asynchronous lessons that can be found in Ms. Perry’s Google classroom. Ms. Perry will have a monthly group check-in for 5th grade students of the same instrument. These classes will hopefully begin within the next couple of weeks and your teacher will confirm the schedule with you.

7. San Francisco Parents for Public Schools is offering a virtual series of topics regarding Learning @ Home. Here is the info for the upcoming session:  How to Tackle Distance Learning – It Takes a Village – Date: Thursday, September 3, Time: 5:00 – 6:30 pm PT,  Register Here

8.  Lastly, we would like to create more opportunities for students to connect with us directly. We have created a space for students to visit and hang out with us. If you visit our virtual office, you can see our office link and hours. We will post the date and time in our Hang out Room and welcome students to “stop by” and have lunch with us. Meanwhile, if your child would like to “Ask your principals a question”, they can click on the link and type in the question on the slide. Please remember to leave your name and classroom number!

Wish you another wonderful learning week!

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page

早上好,FSK的学长 和工作人员!

第3周快乐!我们希望以适应远程学习。本周,您将非主课课程将开始! 图书馆老师Heffernan,体育课老师Speidel,美术课老师Applin与Cara,环境科学与植物课老师Aaron和音乐课老师Perry非常高兴在这两周内开课!我们希望您能再度享受社区和学习的一周!感谢您访问我们的虚拟办公室和提问题给我们的学生和家长!请查看Kasner女士和Page女士的简短视频。





今年在“远程学习”期间,学区将支持学校进行四次对家庭的近况的调查-“Wellness Check-ins”。我们知道你们许多人与您孩子的老师和FSK的各种工作人员保持着持续的沟通,但第一轮正式调查将在这两周内进行,当您收到您孩子的老师或其他FSK员工发的电子邮件或电话时,请告知他们您和您的家人在远程学习期间如何。如果您需要立即的支持或资源,请随时与Kasner女士,Page女士或Hong女士(我们的学校社工)联系,或访问此处的家庭资源页面。


我们的FSK阅读写作专职教师Missy Keadle将在9月提供一些家庭扫盲研讨会!在计划期间,我们希望听到更多有关您对帮助孩子阅读和写作上的需求。如果您有任何想法或问题,请填写此简短调查!您也可以在这里查看我们的FSK阅读信息网站。根据各个年级和重点领域,整个9月将举行4次不同的会议。无需注册!我们希望看到你来参加!请参阅以下时间表:

  • 9/3星期四,下午5:00 – 6:00 pm // K-2年级阅读研讨会, Zoom 链接 (密码:Literacy)
  • 9/10星期四从5:00 – 6:00 pm // 3-5年级阅读研讨会,Zoom 链接(密码:Literacy)
  • 9/17星期四5:00 – 6:00 pm// K-2年级写作研讨会; Zoom 链接即将推出
  • 9/24星期四5:00 – 6:00 pm // 3-5年级写作研讨会; Zoom 链接即将推出



旧金山是公共教育家长会在9月3号举办在家学习系列。以将帮助家庭从适应远程教育,新的技术和学习软件,还有与家里人在这前所未有的时间里一起管理身心健康。在家学习:如果应付远程教育 – “同村应对” 该系列旨在通过充满挑战的远程学习新环境为家庭提供支持。 点击注册参加2020年9月3号,晚上5-6:30的Zoom会议







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