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Principal’s Message ~ September 3

Welcome to week 4!   Thank you for a wonderful Back to School Night this week. We know it was a different atmosphere than in the past and we appreciate our families’ cooperation to keep our students and staff safe. For those who were able to join us, we hope you enjoyed seeing our school building, visiting your child’s classroom and meeting your child’s teacher. We hope we can continue to stay safe and healthy, knowing that when the health situation improves, we can begin to open our campus for more family events!  We want to recognize the resilience and mindfulness of our students. They have shown us their kindness when building friendships with their peers, their responsiveness in keeping each other safe and their readiness for learning. As we hold every member of our school community accountable to follow our school safety protocols, we aim for one goal – to keep ALL our students and staff safe. We will continue to reinforce mask wearing for all staff and students on campus both indoor and outdoor and hand sanitizing. Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation!

Updates & Reminders:

1.  Happy Labor Day!  No School on Monday,  September 6th. We hope you enjoy the long weekend.

2. Family Wellness Check-ins:   Starting this month, teachers will reach out to our families for a quick check-in to see how you’re doing and if there is anything you and your family need. At the end of September, our school will synthesize the data from the Wellness Check-ins to provide resources and contact families accordingly. Thank you for your input and cooperation.

3.  SSC Self Nominations: The School Site Council met this past Thursday evening and will be creating a self-nomination Google Form.  Please be on the lookout for an email and nominate yourself if you are interested in joining our team!  There are 2 positions open for a 2-year term (2021-2022 & 2022-2023 school years).

—> What is the School Site Council?  The school site council is a group of administrators, teachers and community members who work together to develop and monitor our school’s improvement plan. The team meets monthly to discuss the school’s plans, school funding, etc.

4.  Make-up Picture Day:  If your child missed Picture Day this past Thursday, they can take their picture during make-ups on Tuesday, October 12th. If your child is enrolled in online learning and you would like them to have their picture taken, please come to school Tuesday, October 12th anytime between 8:00-2:00pm. You may ring the doorbell at the front door on 43rd Avenue and we will buzz you in.

5.  Student of the Month:  Every month, we will nominate various students who exemplify the characteristics of the  SFUSD Graduate Profile.  For the month of September, our teachers will be looking for students who represent the competency of creativity! If your child is nominated, they will be presented with an award on Monday, September 27th.

6.  Latinx Heritage Month:  September 15th marks the first day of Latinx Heritage Month. As a diverse community here in SFUSD, we value the brilliance and beauty of our Latinx & indigenous peoples, languages, music and cultures. Please check out our  virtual IDEAS Gallery  for more information and resources. You may also visit the District’s 2020 Resource Guide for books, music, films and more. ¡Juntos, somos mejores!

Morning Traffic and Support:

A BIG SHOUTOUT to our Stop-Drop-Go volunteers for your help each morning!  Please continue to follow safety guidelines during drop off and pick up.  We still need more volunteers.  Please click here to sign up for next week and beyond!

Please enjoy the long weekend and we will see you Tuesday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page


欢迎来到第 4 周!



我们要求学校社区的每一位成员都有责任遵守我们的学校安全协议,目标只是一个– 确保所有学生和教职员工的安全。我们将继续加强校园内外所有教职工和学生的口罩佩戴和手部消毒。感谢您一直以来的支持与合作!


1. 劳动节快乐! 9 月 6 日星期一不上课。祝你们一个愉快的长周末。

2. 家庭健康检查:从本月开始,教师将与我们的家人联系以进行快速检查,以了解您的健康状况以及您和您的家人是否有任何需要。 9月底,我校将综合Wellness Check-in数据,提供资源,并联系家庭。感谢您的投入与合作。

3. SSC 自我提名:学校校园委员会在上周四晚上开会,将创建一个自我提名的 Google 表格。如果您有兴趣加入我们的团队,请留意电子邮件并提名自己!有 2 个职位空缺,为期 2 年(2021-2022 和 2022-2023 学年)。


4.  每月学生奖:每个月,我们都会提名代表 SFUSD 毕业生特征的各种学生。在九月份,我们的老师将寻找具有创造力的学生!如果您的孩子被提名,他们将在 9 月 27 日星期一获得奖项。

5.  拉丁裔传统月:9 月 15 日是拉丁裔传统月的第一天。作为 SFUSD 的一个多元化社区,我们重视拉丁裔和原住民、语言、音乐和文化的才华和美丽。请查看我们的虚拟 IDEAS 画廊以获取更多信息和资源。您还可以访问学区的 2020 年资源指南,了解书籍、音乐、电影等。 ¡Juntos, somos mejores!


向我们的 Stop-Drop-Go 志愿者表示感谢,感谢您的帮助!请在上下车过程中继续遵守安全指南。我们还需要更多的志愿者。请点击这里报名参加下周及以后



Kasner校长, Page副校长



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