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Auction Preview Week: March 4-8

During this week, you may bid in-person on special ‘buy-in’ activities donated by participating classroom teachers at our school.  Pleases visit the Gala Webpage for more info:

Classes:   Mrs. Leong, Ms. Cuper, Ms. Lee, Mr. Reber, Ms. Farshchi, Ms. Liu, Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Lam, Ms. Chung, Ms. M Lai, Mr. Chinn, Ms. Moore and Ms. Ng.  

1. Visit participating classrooms in-person between March 4th-8th to find out more about the Activities the teachers will be hosting.
2. Sign-up your child for an Activity if there’s an open “Buy-In” spot on the printed sign-up sheet outside the teachers’ classrooms.  Spots range from $30-$60 each.  
3. Submit your payment of CASH  or  CHECK (made to “FSK PTA”) in an envelope with your child’s name & Activity name to the teacher hosting the Activity by 1:00pm on March 8th.  We will NOT accept PayPal nor credit cards due to service fees.
  • If you do not submit your payment for your child’s spot in an activity by 1pm on March 8th, your child’s unpaid spot in the activity will be forfeited and re-opened to other students at the Gala’s Silent Auction.
  • Sign-ups may only be done In-Person.  You may not text, call or email any of the participating teachers to reserve a spot for your child before or during the preview week.  

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