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Extended Deadline for Virtual Art Show – submissions due May 31

The due date for students’ art submissions has been extended to May 31st!!!

We’re excited to showcase our first  FSK Virtual Art Show!  The Theme is: Heroes around us and What/Who brings you Happiness.  Please email a photo of the art piece, a write-up and student’s info to our Art in Action Chair by Sunday, May 31st.  Please see samples and flyer below.

Student’s submissions should include:
1.  Art ~ can be any drawing/sketch on any medium (paper, wood, floor, cement, fence) and use any materials kids have at home (crayons, pencil, pens, color markers, chalk, paint, pastels, etc.)
2.  Write-up of 2-4 sentences explaining what is drawn and what it represents to the student.
3.  Student’s first name, grade level, and teacher’s name
4.  Take a photo or scan your child’s art and email it by May 31st

Please email submissions with the write-up and student’s info to:

Your child’s art will be posted on our website:   Art will be uploaded on starting May 26th through May 31st!

Questions?  Please email me: OR our Lead for Art Show Exhibit, Paige Schultz:

With much gratitude,
Eliza Conroy
Art in Action School Coordinator 🎨
Mom to Taj, 5th G & Coco, 2nd G

FSK 家长们:

我们很高兴举行首个FSK网上艺术展!主题是:我们周围的英雄以及带给您幸福的是事物和人物。学生提交艺术作品的截止日期已延长-请在5月31日星期日之前将艺术作品的照片,文字说明和学生的信息通过电子邮件发送给到,Art in Action Chair。请参阅随附的样本和传单。

1. 艺术作品〜可以用任何媒介(纸张,木材,地板,水泥,栅栏)上的任何绘画/素描,并可以使用孩子在家中拥有的任何材料(蜡笔,铅笔,钢笔,颜色标记,粉笔,油漆,粉彩等)。
2. 2-4句解说所画的内容和代表的意思。
3. 学生的名字,年级和老师的名字
4. 拍摄照片或扫描孩子的艺术品,并在5月31日之前通过电子邮件将其发送给我




感谢您的大力支持!Eliza Conroy
Art in Action School Coordinator
Taj(5年级), Coco(2年级)的妈妈


Art Show Flyer

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