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Art in Action

Welcome to Francis Scott Key's Art in Action!

At Francis Scott Key, Art in Action is run by parent volunteers. Each grade level has a lead docent, who works to coordinate the volunteers and lessons in each grade level classrooms. The Art in Action website provides training and support for each lesson with extensive background information on the project and artist. There are both printed step-by-step instructions and an instructional video, and links to resources for each lesson.  All materials are provided for all the lessons.
Art in Action is made possible through the generous fundraising of our PTA and parent contributions.  The Art in Action program is a disciplined based, sequential art curriculum designed around the works of the Great Masters and includes multicultural lessons from around the world including: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.  Each grade level includes up to 12 lessons that introduces new concepts, vocabularies, and techniques appropriate for that lesson and skill level.  Through the classroom discussion before each lesson, the children also learn how to understand and appreciate art, and the emotion it evokes in them.  Check out the Art in Action website at to learn more.
Training for Art in Action is provided onsite at Francis Scott Key for incoming Kindergarten and new volunteer parents in the Fall. There are also webinars provided for each grade level through the month of September on the Art in Action website, and classes at the Art in Action headquarters in Menlo Park.
See you in the classroom!
Eliza Conroy
Art in Action Coordinator for Francis Scott Key
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