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Spring Virtual Art Show ~ students invited to submit art by May 25th

This Spring, we will have a Virtual School-wide Art Show to display our K-5 Students’ Art Work.  All FSK Students are invited to create and submit an art piece with the theme of  “Heroes  Around  Us  and What/Who  Brings  us  Happiness.”

Art Work Submissions are welcome from May 15th – 25thPlease email art work to Eliza at: .   Please take a high-resolution photo or scan your child’s art piece and email it in a PDF or JPG file format to Eliza.  See the info and flyer below for details and some samples.  Our Virtual Art Show will be “live” on our MYFSK.ORG website on May 26th and you may view it online with your family from the comfort of your home!

1. Art  (any drawing/sketch on any medium, such as paper, wood, floor, cement, fence, and use any materials you have at home: crayons, pencils, pens, color markers, chalk, paint, pastels, etc.).

2.  Student’s First Name,  Grade level, and  Teacher’s Name

3.  Write-up  explaining what is drawn and what it represents to the student.

This is something fun you can do with your children when you have time for ART!   It’s not mandatory, but kids are so very creative and this is something positive to reflect on.

If you have any questions, please email:

Eliza Conroy, AiA School Coordinator at
OR  Art Show Exhibit Lead, Paige Schultz at

Have fun creating art!

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