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Principals’ Welcome Back Message ~ August 2nd

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!   We are so excited to begin this school year with you in person. We hope you had an amazing summer break and enjoyed your time relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether you are a new or a returning family, we hope you are ready to join us for another exciting year of learning at Francis Scott Key!  As always, we are very proud to be a part of this exceptional community and look forward to continuing our work with our students and families.

We begin this year unlike any other. We are returning to school together after many months of online learning. Our students have shown resilience, creativity, independence and have embraced their ability to adapt and utilize tools in multiple ways. Pre-pandemic, our school vision has been to create learning environments that support the development of 21st-century skills for all students. Our curriculum and instructional approaches focus on technology integration, authentic learning experiences, inquiry, and personalized learning environments with flexible seating. Little did we know that Distance Learning would create so many opportunities for our students to put into practice many of these skills they have learned at Francis Scott Key. This year, we are excited to have the ability to not only continue with our school programs and school vision but to be able to accelerate what our students were able to learn throughout Distance Learning.

We are extremely mindful of the current health and safety concerns for returning to school in person. As we plan for our return, we promise to keep our communication transparent, informative, and timely.  Knowing that we do not hold all the answers to your questions at all times (especially due to guidelines from SFUSD and SF Department of Health changing regularly) we will work hard to share information and resources quickly. As we are moving towards less restricted safety measures, we encourage our community to follow SF Department of Health guidelines to keep all our students, staff, and families safe. With everyone’s support and effort, we can keep each other healthy and ensure students’ access to all learning opportunities.

Here is some important information for parents and families:

1.  Step-Up to Kindergarten and NEW Family Orientation: Friday, August 13th, 8:30 am – 10:00 am.  All NEW Kinder and incoming students and families are invited to join us next Friday to experience what the first day of school will be like.  We will meet in the schoolyard at 8:30am and introduce our staff and PTA parents. Kindergarten students will then meet their teachers and spend some time with them for designated activities. NEW students in Grades 1 – 5 will tour their classrooms with staff. All new parents will join us in the auditorium for orientation. At the end of the orientation, parents will visit their child‘s classroom. Hope to see you then!

2. Back to School Family Information Meeting (for ALL families): We know many of you may be holding questions for returning to school in person. We would like to host a Zoom information meeting Thursday, August 12th from 7:00 – 8:00pm to share what we know and answer as many questions as we can about returning to FSK in person (zoom link shared by email). In an effort to answer your thoughts as best we can, please let us know what questions you have by filling out this Google Form.  SFUSD/UCSF/SFDPH is also hosting a Town Hall event on Tuesday, August 3 from 7:30-8:30 pm to answer health-related questions (see information here and view recordings here).

3. Staff Changes and Class Assignments were shared by email on 8/2/21.

4.  After School Program:  As Ms. Bel indicated in her email last week, at this time our after-school program can safely accommodate 195 FSK students.  We will continue to keep you updated with information and changes. We are still actively recruiting staff for our After School program!   Please reach out to Ms. Bel ( if you have any potential candidates.  Meanwhile please visit these resources for more after school programs.  Additional resources for after school care:

Our dedicated and energetic FSK teachers and staff are ready to be back in-person and excited to begin the school year with each of you. Thank you for being part of this fantastic and amazing community!  We will see you in a couple weeks!

All the best,

Mimi Kasner, Principal  &  Megan Page, Assistant Principal

Click here for PDF version of Welcome Back Letter

欢迎来到 2021-2022 学年!我们很高兴开始本学年能与学生面对面教学。我们希望您度过了一个美妙的暑假,享受放松和恢复活力的时光。无论您是新家庭还是回归家庭,我们都希望您准备好加入我们,在 Francis Scott Key 度过另一个激动人心的学习年!与往常一样,我们很自豪能成为这个特殊社区的一员,并期待继续与我们的学生和家庭一起工作。

我们今年开始与众不同。经过这么多个月的在线学习,我们一起回到学校。我们的学生表现出了韧性、创造力、独立性,并且已经接受了他们以多种方式适应和使用工具的能力。在疫情之前,我们学校的愿景是为所有学生创造支持 21 世纪技能发展的学习环境。我们的课程和教学方法侧重于技术集成、真实的学习体验、探究和具有灵活座位的个性化学习环境。我们几乎不知道远程学习将为我们的学生创造如此多的机会来实践他们在 Francis Scott Key 学到的许多技能。今年,我们很高兴不仅能够继续我们的学校课程和学校愿景,而且能够加速我们的学生在远程学习中所能学到的东西。

我们非常注意当前亲自返校的健康和安全问题。在计划返回时,我们承诺保持我们的沟通透明、信息丰富和及时。知道我们不会随时掌握您问题的所有答案(特别是由于 SFUSD 和 SF Department of Health 的指导方针定期更改),我们将努力快速共享信息和资源。随着我们朝着减少限制的安全措施迈进,我们鼓励我们的社区遵循旧金山卫生局的指导方针,以确保我们所有学生、教职员工和家庭的安全。在每个人的支持和努力下,我们可以保持彼此的健康并确保学生获得所有学习机会。


1. 升入幼儿园和新家庭迎新活动:2021 年 8 月 13 日,星期五,上午 8:30 至上午 10:00。邀请所有新入学的学生和家庭下周五加入我们,体验开学第一天的情况。我们将在上午 8:30 在校园见面并介绍我们的工作人员和 PTA 家长。然后,幼儿园学生将与他们的老师会面,并花一些时间与他们一起参加指定的活动。一年级到五年级的新学生将与教职员工一起参观他们的教室。所有的家长会和我们一起到礼堂参加迎新会。在迎新会结束时,家长们将和孩子一起到教室。希望能见到大家!

2. 返校家庭信息会议(适用于所有家庭):我们知道你们中的许多人可能会面对面返校的问题。我们想在 8 月 12 日星期四晚上 7:00 至晚上 8:00. 举办 Zoom 信息会议,分享我们所知道的信息,并尽可能多地回答有关亲自返回 FSK 的问题。为了尽我们所能回答您的想法,请填写此 Google 表单,让我们知道您有什么问题。 SFUSD 还将在 8 月 3 日星期二晚上 7:30-8:30 举办市政厅活动,以回答与健康相关的问题(请参阅此处的信息)。

3. 员工变动和班级分配于 21 年 8 月 2 日通过电子邮件共享。

4. 课后班计划:正如Bel女士在她的电子邮件中所指出的,此时我们的计划可以安全地容纳 195 名学生。我们将继续为您提供最新信息和变化。我们仍在积极为我们的课后班招聘员工!如果您有任何潜在候选人,请联系 Bel 女士 (。同时,请访问这些资源以了解更多课外班服务. 课后托管的其他资源:




Mimi Kasner,校长  &  Megan Page, 副校长





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