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Principal’s Message ~ November 19

Welcome to week 15!   Happy Thanksgiving – there is no school next week (11/22-11/26)! We hope that you all enjoy the Fall break and are able to find time to relax, rejuvenate and express gratitude. We continue to be so grateful for our school community – the support, respect, collaboration, and understanding we get from our teachers, students and families never goes unnoticed. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our school. We appreciate each of you!

Updates & Reminders:

  • SafetyIt is important for EVERYONE in our school community to take responsibility!  ​​​​​​​Please continue to practice kindness and compassion.
  • Drop-off time: Yard supervision starts at 7:30 am. For safety reasons, please do NOT drop off your child before 7:30 am. We do not have the ability to supervise the students at that time.
  • ParkingWe want to remind everyone to follow the traffic and safety rules: make sure to park your car along the side of the school when there is a space. Do not block the bike lanes, neighbors’ driveways, or double/triple park on any street.  Everyone’s safety is our responsibility.
  • COVID Testing Info:
  • December is Inclusion & Celebrating Learning Differences:     Next month, we celebrate inclusivity and learning differences.  Check out our virtual IDEAS Gallery to learn about various learning differences, people who live with these differences and various resources to gain more understanding. December 6th – December 10th is our District Inclusive Schools Week Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together! Check out SFUSD’s Resource Guide for more info.
  • Toys & Games at school:    Lately, we have seen an uptick of students who are bringing toys/cards to school. We see students bringing their toys to recess and trading them with peers which is causing conflicts. Please help us by reminding your child to keep toys at home.
    • The pop-it fidget toys are allowed for students to support their sensory needs; however, students may not trade them with friends.
    • Pokémon cards: This is a reminder that students are not allowed to bring Pokémon cards to school and trade them with their peers. Please let your child know that we will take the cards if we see them during the school day. Parents can retrieve them at a later time.
    • Squid Games: Some of the upper grade students have been creating a version of a game related to the drama series “Squid Game” on Netflix. Due to the violent nature of the games, we want to alert parents that some of the students may have seen the show or heard about the show. Please take a moment to talk to your child if you know they are playing the game and meanwhile monitor what they watch on Netflix. Here is a website with some helpful information.
  • Round 2, Science Sack distribution. Here are the dates for Round 2 distribution of science sacks:
    • K-B / 1-B : Take home on Thursday Dec 2 // Return to school on Mon Dec 6
    • 2-B / 3-B : Take home on Thursday Dec 9 // Return to school on Mon Dec 13
    • Here are the A/B groups for each grade level:
    • K-B (105 & 106) and 1-B (130 & 131)
    • 2-B (101 & 216) and 3-B (209 & 210)

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • December 3, 10, 17:  Friday Spirit Days, Wear School Colors (blue/yellow) or Logowear
  • December 6 – 10:  Inclusive Schools Week, Rebuilding Our Inclusive Community Together
  • December 10:  ELAC Parent Workshop Night – Math Games and Math Literacy – All are Welcome to Join!
  • December 20 – December 31:  Winter Break  (*School resumes Monday, January 3rd)​​​​​​​

Messages from PTA

  • Please Volunteer to help out with Lunch Tables, Stop, Drop & Go, Yearbook, Art in Action, Science Sack, and more areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. Thank you!
  • Please visit our website (MYFSK.ORG) and follow the PTA on social media to get regular updates (Instagram and Facebook).

Hope you all have a great break. See you Monday morning, November 29th!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

欢迎来到第 15周! 感恩节快乐——下周没有课(11/22-11/26)!我们希望你们都享受秋季假期,并能抽出时间放松、恢复活力和表达感激之情。我们非常感谢我们的学校社区。我们时时感到从老师、学生和家长们那里得到的支持、尊重、合作和理解。感谢您们作为我们学校的一员!


  • 安全:我们学校社区的每个人都必须承担责任!请继续修行善心和慈悲心!
  • 上学时间: 校园老师监督从早上 7:30 开始。为安全起见,请不要在早上 7:30 之前送您的孩子到学校。我们没有人力监督学生。
  • 停车:我们想提醒大家遵守交通和安全规则:确保在有空位的情况下将车停在学校的一侧。不要堵塞自行车道、邻居的车道或在街上的双重停车在街道上。每个人的安全都是我们的责任。
  • COVID测试信息:我们学校可为有症状或被确定为密切接触者的学生提供 Color Lab 测试套件。如果您需要一套,请询问护士Joanne和Ms。Betty 。您必须在进行测试的同一天递交试剂盒。
  • 可供家庭使用的测试计地点:请看测试站点的 PDF 版本或 SFUSD 网站
  • 家庭应如何设置 COLOR 帐户的说明(翻译版本)
  • COLOR 网站的翻译版本
  • 十二月是包容性和庆祝学习异同月:下个月,我们庆祝包容性和学习差异。查看我们的虚拟 IDEAS 画廊,了解各种学习异同、生活在这些差异中的人以及各种资源,以获得更多的理解。 12 月 6 日至 12 月 10 日是我们的学区包容性学校周,共同重建我们的包容性社区!查看 SFUSD 的资源指南了解更多信息。
  • 学校的玩具和游戏:最近,我们看到越来越多的学生将玩具/卡片带到学校。我们看到他们在课间时与同学交易,时常引起冲突。请提醒您的孩子将玩具留在家里,以避免冲突。
    • Pop Toy:允许学生使用流行的Pop It Toy来满足他们的感官需求;但是,学生不得与朋友交易。
    • Pokémon卡:这是提醒学生不得将神奇宝贝卡带到学校并与同龄人交易。请让您的孩子知道,如果我们在上课日看到这些卡片,我们会拿走它们。家长可以稍后取回它们。
    • Squid Game游戏:一些高年级学生在制作与Netflix上的电视剧“Squid Game游戏”相关的游戏版本。由于游戏的暴力性质,我们想提醒家长学生可能已经看过或听说过该节目。如果您知道您的孩子正在玩此游戏,请花点时间与他们交谈,同时监控他们在 Netflix 上观看的内容。这是一个包含一些有用信息的网站。
  • 第二轮科学背包分发:请参阅随附的信息表。
    • K-B / 1-B : 12月2日星期四带回家 // 1 2月6 日星期一返回学校
    • 2-B / 3-B : 12月9日星期四带回家 // 1 2月13 日星期一返回学校
    • 以下是每个年级的 A/B 组:
    • K-B (105  & 106 ) 和 1-B (130  & 131 )
    • 2-B (101  & 216 ) 和 3-B (209  & 210 )


  • 12 月 6 日至 10 日:包容性学校周:共同重建我们的包容性社区
  • 12 月 10 日 :   ELAC ​​家长工作坊之夜 – 数学游戏和数学语言 – 欢迎大家
  • 12 月 20 日 – 12 月 31 日:寒假(*学校于 1 月 3 日星期一恢复)

来自 PTA 的消息

  • 我们需要请志愿服务帮助收放午餐桌、Stop、Drop & Go、Yearbook (年鉴)、Art in Action、Science Sack 和更多领域。您可以提供的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工有真正帮助。谢谢!
  • 请访问我们的网站 (MYFSK.ORG) 并在社交媒体上关注 PTA 以获取定期更新(InstagramFacebook)。



Kasner校长, Page副校长



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