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Principals’ Message ~ November 15th

Welcome to week 14! This week is Parent-Teacher conference week! We truly value this time of year as a way for families to connect with their child’s teacher and school to hear about progress and ways in which families can continue to support our students at home. We know a child’s experience is that much more enhanced when there is connection, communication and collaboration between school and home. Please make sure to reach out to your child’s teacher if you haven’t yet set up a time to meet. Also please note that school gets out at 12:50pm every day this week.

As the holiday season approaches us, please continue to take care of yourself. With the colder weather keeping us indoors, family gatherings and more travel, we hope to keep our entire community safe and healthy. Please remember that if your child is exhibiting any symptoms, they will need to stay home and provide proof of a negative COVID test before returning to school. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to work together to keep our students safe.

Updates & Reminders:

COVID Updates & what to do when your child is sick:

  • When your child exhibits symptoms, please keep them home and have them tested.
  • Guidelines have changed and HOME TESTS are now accepted for your child to return to school after having symptoms. Please note, home tests are only accepted if:
  • Your child’s symptoms did not include loss of taste or smell
  • Your child is NOT a known close contact to someone who tested positive for COVID-19
  • Your child has not had a fever for 24 hours
  • You may still choose to have your child tested using a PCR test. At our school site, we will now have COLOR lab testing kits available for students. You can test your child and then will need to drop off the kit at any SFUSD school site that has a pickup time for that same day. Testing kits must be dropped off the same day the test is taken.
  • FSK kits are picked up every Friday at 12:00pm
  • When you have your negative PCR or rapid test (performed at home or in a clinic), be sure to email your child’s teacher and Ms. Betty ( a copy of the test result.
  • See the website for SFUSD Testing dates and information
  • Guidelines for close contacts remain the same and unvaccinated close contacts will need to quarantine. See where to get vaccinated for kids 5-11
  • SFUSD’s COVID-19 and Flu Season PSA: Please view this short video featuring Dr. Matthews and Chief Division of Pediatrics at UCSF Benioff Hospital Dr. Lee Atkinson-McEvoy. Dr. Atkinson-McEvoy answers frequently asked questions about this flu season in light of COVID-19.

Parent Teacher Conferences and Report Cards:

  • This week (11/15 – 11/19) are parent teacher conferences. If you have not scheduled your teacher conference, please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
  • All report cards are available on ParentVue. You can access the report cards directly from your account. If you need help, here are the directions.
  • Round 2 science sack distribution: Science Sacks will continue to distribute after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • November 22nd – November 26th: Thanksgiving Break – No School!
  • December 20th – December 31st: Winter Break (*School resumes Monday, January 3rd)

Messages from PTA

1. PTA General Meeting: Tuesday 11/16 @ 6:30pm (Zoom Link // meeting ID 857 4297 9563 // passcode: FSK2021

2. Please Volunteer to help out with Lunch Tables, Stop, Drop & Go, Yearbook, Art in Action, Science Sack, and more areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. Thank you!

3.  Please visit our website (MYFSK.ORG) and follow the PTA on social media to get regular updates (Instagram and Facebook).

Hope you all had a great weekend. See you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

欢迎来到第 14周! 本周是家长会周!我们非常重视每年的这个时候,这是家庭与孩子的老师和学校联系的一种方式,也是了解学生的进展以及家庭可以继续在家中支持他们最好方式。我们知道,当学校和家庭之间建立联系、沟通和协作时,孩子的体验会得到更大的提升。如果您还没有安排见老师的时间,请务必联系您孩子的老师。另请注意,学校这周每天下午 12:50 放学。

随着假期的临近,请继续照顾好自己。随着寒冷的天气的到来,我们多呆在室内, 同时有更多的家庭聚会和旅行,我们希望保持我们整个社区的安全和健康。请记住,如果您的孩子出现任何症状,他们将需要待在家里并在返回学校之前提供 COVID 检测呈阴性的证明。感谢您的合作和理解,我们将继续共同努力以确保我们学生的安全。


COVID 更新以及当您的孩子生病时该怎么办:


指导方针有所改变:您的孩子在出现症状后,我们现在接受家庭测试, 如果结果是阴性他们可以返回学校。请注意,必须在以下情况下我们才能接受家庭测试:


您的孩子没有和 COVID-19 检测呈阳性的人或密切接触者有接触

您的孩子已经 24 小时没有发烧

您仍然可以选择让您的孩子使用 PCR 检测进行检测。在我们的学校,我们现可以为学生提供 COLOR 实验室测试套件。您可以对您的孩子进行测试,然后需要在同一天的时间内送到任何 SFUSD 学校站点交付该套件。测试套件必须在进行测试的同一天时间内进行化验。

FSK 套件每周五中午 12:00 领取

当您的 PCR 或快速检测结果为阴性(在家或诊所进行)时,请务必将检测结果的副本通过电子邮件发送给您孩子的老师和 Betty 女士 (。

请参阅网站了解 SFUSD 测试日期和信息

密切接触者指南保持不变,未接种疫苗的密切接触者需要隔离。查看哪里可以为 5-11 岁的儿童接种疫苗

SFUSD 的 COVID-19 和流感季节 PSA:请观看这段由 Matthews 博士和加州大学旧金山分校贝尼奥夫医院儿科主任 Lee Atkinson-McEvoy 博士主演的短片。 Atkinson-McEvoy 博士根据 COVID-19 回答有关这个流感季节的常见问题。


下周 (11/15 – 11/19) 是家长教师会议。如果您尚未安排教师会议,请尽快联系您孩子的老师。

ParentVue 上提供所成绩报告单。您可以直接从您的ParentVue帐户访问报告单。如果您需要帮助这里是说明。



11 月 22 日 – 11 月 26 日:感恩节假期 – 不上课!

12 月 20 日 – 12 月 31 日:寒假(*学校于 1 月 3 日星期一恢复)

来自 PTA 的消息

1. PTA 会议:周二 11/16 @ 6:30pm(Zoom Link // 会议 ID 857 4297 9563 // 密码:FSK2021

2. 我们需要请志愿服务帮助收放午餐桌、Stop、Drop & Go、Yearbook (年鉴)、Art in Action、Science Sack 和更多领域。您可以提供的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工有真正帮助。谢谢!

3.  请访问我们的网站 (MYFSK.ORG) 并在社交媒体上关注 PTA 以获取定期更新(I Instagram和Facebook。



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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