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Principal’s Message ~ March 4

Happy Week 27! ​​​​​​​ It’s Parent-Teacher conference week this week. We hope you are able to take the time to check in with your child’s teacher to collaborate, reflect and ask questions. As a school community, we truly value this time where we can directly share with families about your child’s everyday experiences and learning. You may access your child’s report cards in ParentVue beginning Monday, March 7th. As a reminder, school dismissal is 12:50 every day this week (Monday, March 7th – Friday , March 11th).

We want to acknowledge what is going on with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the impact that this current situation has on some of our community members. We continue to teach all our students the importance of being inclusive and to not judge people based on their cultures and backgrounds. Many students are aware of the current tragedies and if you need further support, there are resources available online such as Education Week. In addition, one of our second grade class is making CHEER BOXes for children in Ukraine. IF you would like to make one, please see the attached flyer here.  We will collect them till March 14. We stand in solidarity for peace and love.

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • Family Culture & Climate Survey:  SFUSD and our school site are asking you to fill out a short survey for your feedback about our school’s culture & climate. Everyone’s voice is important! Parents with multiple children in this school should fill out ONE survey for EACH child. If you have children in another school, you should fill out a survey at that school as well. Use the link here: before March 16th!
  • February Students of the Month: We were able to recognize our students for their Empathy during the month of February!  Congratulations to all our nominees! For our March students of the month, we will celebrate our students for being Problem Solvers on March 21st during morning circle.
  • Women’s History Month: This March we celebrate Women’s History! Women have played and continue to play a vital role in American History. Learn more about these remarkable women by visiting FSK’s virtual IDEAS Gallery and reading about San Francisco women trailblazers!
  • Masking updates: While masking updates continue to take place across California, universal indoor masking will continue to be in effect in SFUSD’s schools as part of our layered approach to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Face masks are not required outdoors. Learn more from SFUSD here.

Summer Camps/Programs:

  • BACR Summer 2022 Interest Form:  As we plan for Summer programming, we ask you to kindly fill out this quick interest form. Summer camp will run from June 6-July 15, 2022 at FSK (closed on June 20th for Juneteenth and July 4 for Independence day). We will be serving INCOMING 1st graders-5th graders. Fill out the form here.
  • SpringBoard Summer Reading Program: Many families have reached out to us to see if we will have this program this summer. We have been in communication with SFUSD. As of now, our school is NOT eligible for the program. We will inform you if we get the program.
  • Camp Galileo: Camp Galileo will offer their summer camps at FSK this summer. Once the district approves their application, we will share the camp info. Stay put.
  • Yearbook: We have 2021-2022 yearbooks available for purchase! See the flyer here for more information. Be sure to purchase before April 15th.

Important dates to remember:

  • Saturday March 12 : FSK Gala from 4:00-8:00pm
  • Monday March 21 :  Student of the Month morning announcement
  • Monday March 28 – Friday April 1 :  Spring Break – No School

Messages from PTA

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第27周快乐! 本周是家长会周! 我们希望您能够抽出时间与您孩子的老师一起进行合作、反思和提问。 作为一个学校社区,我们非常重视这次可以直接与家人分享您孩子的日常经历和学习的机会。 从 3 月 7 日星期一开始,您可以在ParentVue 中访问您孩子的成绩单。 提醒一下,本周(3 月 7 日至 3 月 11 日)放学时间为每天中午 12:50。

俄罗斯-乌克兰冲突的情况以及当前局势对我们一些社区成员的影响。 我们将继续教导所有学生包容的重要性,不要根据人们的文化和背景来歧视他人。 许多学生都知道当前的悲剧,如果您需要进一步的支持,可以在线获取资源,例如教育周报。 此外,我们二年级的一个班级正在为乌克兰的儿童制作 CHEER BOX。 如果您想做一个,请在此处查看随附的传单。 我们将收集它们直到 3 月 14 日。我们为和平与爱而团结一致。


我们需要您的反馈!SFUSD 和我们的学校网站要求您填写一份简短调查,以获取您对我们学校文化和氛围的反馈。 每个人的声音都很重要! 如您有多个孩子在我们的学校,您应该为每个孩子填写一份调查表。 如果您有孩子在另一所学校,您也应该在该学校填写一份调查表。 在 3 月 16 日之前使用此处的链接:

本月学生奖:我们在 2 月份表彰 学生的同理心!查看哪些学生获得了证书。祝贺我们所有的提名者!我们将在 3 月 21 日庆祝我们的学生接受为问题解决者奖

妇女历史月:今年三月我们庆祝妇女历史!女性在美国历史上已经并将继续发挥着至关重要的作用。通过访问 FSK 的虚拟 IDEAS 画廊并阅读有关旧金山女性开拓者的信息,了解更多关于这些杰出女性的信息!


BACR 夏季 2022 兴趣表:当我们计划夏季编程时,请您填写此快速兴趣表。夏令营将于 2022 年 6 月 6 日至 7 月 15 日在 FSK 举行(6 月 20 日为六月节,7 月 4 日为独立日)。我们将为即将到来的一年级至五年级学生提供服务。在这里填写表格。

SpringBoard暑期阅读计划:许多家庭已经联系我们,看看我们今年夏天是否会有这个计划。我一直在与 SFUSD 进行沟通。截至目前,我们学校没有资格参加该计划。如果我们得到程序,我会通知你。

Camp Galileo:Camp Galileo 将于今年夏天在 FSK 举办夏令营。一旦学区批准了他们的申请,我将分享营地信息。

年鉴:我们有 2021-2022 年的年鉴可供购买!请参阅此处的传单了解更多信息。请务必在 4 月 15 日前购买。



3 月 12 日星期六 晚4-8点 :FSK 筹款晚会


3 月 28 日星期一 – 4 月 1 日星期五:春假 – 不上学

来自 PTA 的消息

我们希望您能在 3 月 4 日开始的 FSK PTA 在线拍卖中竞标所有出色的物品 – 点击这里。 准备好参加我们精彩的现场晚会; 请务必在今天和 3 月 12 日的大型活动之前在线购买您的 GALA 门票。 我们希望在这两次筹款活动之间为我们学校筹集 60,000 美元。 如有问题,请发送电子邮件至我们的拍卖晚会主席。 请访问我们的拍卖网页了解更多信息。 非常感谢您的捐款和对我们学校的持续支持!

我们希望有更多的志愿者为我们的晚会、Stop Drop & Go、艺术在行动、花园、电影之夜、春舞和其他领域提供帮助。 另一种抽出时间的方式是成为 2022-24 年的 PTA 新董事会成员……请在 3 月 15 日之前在这里注册。 感谢您花时间支持我们的学生和教职员工!




Kasner校长, Page副校长

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