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Principal’s Message ~ March 25-April 3

Happy Week 30! Spring has sprung just in time for Spring Break! We wish you all a restful and rejuvenating break. We encourage you to test your child before returning to school Monday, April 4th. You can use the test kits we sent home this week – see the flier (English / Chinese / Espanol) for more information.

On March 31st, we also celebrated the birthday of César Chávez, a labor leader, civil rights activist and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association. Learn more about his life’s work – la causa.

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • Updated COVID Guidelines:
    • Masking will be strongly recommended but not required for all SFUSD sites starting April 2nd. People may choose to wear a mask and we respect their right to do so.
    • SFDPH Health Officer Dr. Susan Philip answers frequently asked questions about the public health guidelines about masking in this video.
    • SFUSD continues to partner with Color to provide free and reliable molecular testing services for the SFUSD community. Color test kits are being collected daily at every SFUSD school, Color mobile sites, and central office locations. Learn about all the resources to support you in creating your child’s account. Register for a Color self-swab account
    • Group Contact Tracing: Starting March 24th, SFUSD will follow updated guidance for when we have a positive Covid case on campus. Read more from SFUSD here.
  • School yard: Guardians may enter the schoolyard to drop off students during morning assembly. Please be mindful of the space and allow students to line up with their classes; guardians can stand at the back of the classroom lines during morning circle.
  • March Students of the Month: We were able to recognize our students for being Problem Solvers during the month of March! Congratulations to all our nominees! For our April students of the month, we will celebrate our students for being Critical Thinkers on April 25th during morning circle.
  • SFUSD Celebrates Pride Month in April: SFUSD and FSK are proud to honor the members of our LGBTQ Community as we celebrate Pride Month! As a school site, we continue to celebrate diversity and strive to create a safe space for ALL our students and families to live openly and happily. SFUSD’s LGBTQ Student Services has worked for over 30 years, aiming to support educators with tools and resources to support LGBTQ students and familes. Check out our virtual IDEAS Gallery and the Gender & Family Diversity Guide to help support your children continue their learning at home.
  • Food Resources for over Spring Break: School meals are only available during operating school days. See the website for more food resources during the break.
  • Summer Camps/Programs:
    • Camp Galileo: Camp Galileo will offer their summer camp at FSK this summer. Camp is week-long sessions from June 6th – July 15th. See this link for registration!
    • Summer Camp @ FSK: Camp SNBC – World Wildlife – View this flier for registration. June 6th – July 15th.

Important dates to remember:

  • Monday April 11: 5th Grade Panorama Picture
  • Monday April 11 – Friday April 15: 4th grade SBAC testing
  • Monday April 18 – Friday April 22: 3rd grade SBAC testing
  • Monday April 25 – Friday April 29: 5th grade SBAC testing
  • Monday May 30 – No School – Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, June 1 – Last day of school

Message from PTA

We would love MORE VOLUNTEERS to help out with our Stop Drop & Go, Art in Action, Garden, Movie Night, Spring Dance, and other areas. Thank you for your time supporting our students and staff!

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第30周快乐!  春暖花开,恰逢春假!我们祝大家度过一个宁静而充满活力的假期。我们鼓励您在 4 月 4 日星期一返回学校之前对您的孩子进行测试。您可以使用我们本周寄回家的检测试剂盒 – 请参阅传单(英文/中文/西班牙文)了解更多信息。

在 3 月 31 日这一周,我们还庆祝 César Chávez 的生日,他是劳工领袖、民权活动家和全国农场工人协会的联合创始人。了解更多关于他一生的工作 – la causa。


更新的 COVID 指南:

从 4 月 2 日开始,所有 SFUSD 建议对所有校园进行屏蔽。人们可以选择戴口罩,我们尊重他们这样做的权利。

SFDPH 卫生官员 Susan Philip 博士在此视频中回答了有关戴口罩的公共卫生指南的常见问题。

SFUSD 继续与 Color 合作,为 SFUSD 社区提供免费且可靠的分子检测服务。每天在每所 SFUSD 学校、Color 移动站点和中心办公室位置收集颜色测试套件。了解支持您创建孩子帐户的所有资源。注册一个Color自拭子帐户

团体接触者追踪:从 3 月 24 日开始,SFUSD 将遵循更新的指导方针,以了解我们何时在校园内发现 Covid 阳性病例。在此处阅读 SFUSD 的更多信息。


本月三月学生奖:我们的学生三月奖赞扬学生的问题解决能力!查看哪些学生获得了证书。祝贺我们所有的提名者!对于我们本月的 4 月学生奖,我们将在 4 月 25 日上午的早上庆祝我们的学生具有批判性思想家。

SFUSD 在四月庆祝骄傲月:

SFUSD 和 FSK 很自豪地在庆祝骄傲月时向我们的 LGBTQ 社区成员致敬!作为一所学校,我们继续庆祝多样性,并努力为我们所有的学生和家庭创造一个安全的空间,让他们能够公开快乐地生活。 SFUSD 的 LGBTQ 学生服务已经有 30 多年,旨在为教育工作者提供支持 LGBTQ 学生和家庭的工具和资源。查看我们的虚拟 IDEAS Gallery 和 Gender & Family Diversity Guide 以帮助支持您的孩子继续在家学习。



Camp Galileo伽利略夏令营:伽利略夏令营将于今年夏天在 FSK 提供他们的夏令营。夏令营是从 6 月 6 日到 7 月 15 日为期一周的课程。看这个链接注册!

BACR 夏季 2022 兴趣表:当我们计划夏季编程时,请您填写此快速兴趣表。夏令营将于 2022 年 6 月 6 日至 7 月 15 日在 FSK 举行(6 月 20 日为六月节,7 月 4 日为独立日)。我们将为即将到来的一年级至五年级学生提供服务。在这里填写表格。



  • 4 月 11 日星期一:五年级全体照片
  • 4 月 11 日星期一 – 4 月 15 日星期五:四年级 SBAC 测试
  • 4 月 18 日星期一 – 4 月 22 日星期五:三年级 SBAC 测试
  • 4 月 25 日星期一 – 4 月 29 日星期五:五年级 SBAC 测试
  • 5 月 30 日星期一 – 没有学校 – 阵亡将士纪念日
  • 6 月 1 日星期三 – 学期的最后一天

来自 PTA 的消息

我们希望有更多的志愿者为我们的晚会、Stop Drop & Go、艺术在行动、花园、电影之夜、春舞和其他领域提供帮助。感谢您花时间支持我们的学生和教职员工!谢谢!



Kasner校长, Page副校长


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