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Principals’ Message ~ January 21

Happy Week 21!   We’re officially entering the last week of January and our motto this month has been flexibility!  As always, our teachers have been working tirelessly to keep students engaged and learning. If your child has been missing school due to isolation or quarantine, please do not worry – we know there is plenty of learning that can happen at home too! If your child is feeling well enough, encourage them to read, create a book, do an art project or go on a scavenger hunt. We also have work packets available for pick up in the office and teachers may post work online. While we all know how important learning is, keeping our students and community safe during this time is a top priority.

We are still receiving several notifications of positive cases throughout the week, so please keep an eye out for our emails and memos.  We continue to follow SFUSD guidance closely and communicate important information with each family. Never hesitate to reach out to us with clarifying questions or concerns.

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • Talking about COVID with your child: We know there may be some feelings of stress or anxiety related to your child possibly testing positive for COVID, having a classmate test positive or needing to quarantine because there have been positive cases around the school. While there is no simple answer, we have some resources to share with you on how to talk about stress and COVID with your child:
  • COVID-19 Support Line:  Please remember that the COVID-19 support line IS NOT yet supporting our school with contact tracing.  *If your child tests positive, PLEASE notify Ms. Kasner, Ms. Page, Ms. Betty, and your child’s teacher as soon as possible.*  Do not use the COVID-19 support line.
  • ATTENTION 5th Grade Families!  If you have not submitted the application for middle school, you should do so ASAP. The deadline is February 4th, 2022. Please see the website for more information and reach out if you have any questions.
  • Science Sacks:  Due to current circumstances (limited volunteers & student availability) we have a new Science Sack schedule.  Please note the new dates.   Please follow the table sent by email for your child’s classroom schedule.

Important dates to remember:

  • Monday January 31  &  Tuesday February 1:  No school – Lunar New Year Observance/Holiday
  • Friday, February 4th:  SFUSD Middle School application due 

Messages from PTA:

  • Please join our General PTA Meeting on Tuesday, January 25th at 6:30pm (Zoom link shared by email and ParentSquare).
  • Please Volunteer to help out with Lunch Tables, Stop, Drop & Go, Yearbook, Art in Action, Science Sack, and more areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. Thank you!
  • Please visit our website (MYFSK.ORG) and follow the PTA on social media to get regular updates (Instagram and Facebook).

We hope you enjoy the weekend and please stay safe!  See you Monday morning.

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第21 周快乐!我们正式进入了一月的最后一周,这个月我们注重是灵活!一如既往,我们的老师一直在不知疲倦地工作,以保持学生的参与和学习。如果您的孩子因隔离或检疫而缺课,请不要担心——我们知道在家也能学到很多东西!如果您的孩子感觉良好,鼓励他们阅读、创作一本书、做一个艺术项目或进行寻宝游戏。我们也准备了一些功课给学生,教师也有在线发布作业。虽然我们都知道学习的重要性,但在此期间确保学生和社区的安全是最为之重。

本周我们收到多份阳性病例通知,因此请留意我们的电子邮件和备忘录。我们将继续密切遵循 SFUSD 的指导,并与每个家庭交流重要信息。请随时与我们联系以澄清问题或疑虑。


  • 与您的孩子谈论 COVID:我们知道您的孩子可能会有一些压力或焦虑感,这可能与您的孩子的 COVID 检测呈阳性、同学检测呈阳性或因学校周围出现阳性病例而需要隔离有关。虽然没有简单的答案,但我们有一些资源可以与您分享如何与您的孩子谈论压力和 COVID:
    • 美国儿童与青少年精神病学学会
    • 儿童心灵研究所
  • COVID-19 支持热线:请记住,COVID-19 支持热线尚未支持我们学校的接触者追踪。如果您的孩子检测呈阳性,请尽快通知 Kasner校长 、Page 副校长和 Betty 。不要使用 COVID-19 支持热线。
  • 五年级家庭注意!
  • 如果你还没有提交中学申请,你应该尽快提交。截止日期为 2022 年 2 月 4 日。请访问网站了解更多信息,如有任何问题,请联系我们。
  • 我们开始了科学背包分发的第 3 轮:我们希望您喜欢您的科学背包!我们出色的志愿者努力为第 3 轮准备和分发新的 Sacks!有关详细信息,请参阅随附的信息表。




  • 1 月 31 日星期一和 2 月 1 日星期二:不上课 – 农历新年
  • 2 月 4 日,星期五:中学申请截止

来自 PTA 的消息

  • 加入我们在 1 月 25 日星期二下午 6:30 举行的 PTA 会议(我们与 ParentSquare 和电子邮件分享了 Zoom 链接).
  • 我们需要请志愿服务帮助收放午餐桌、Stop、Drop & Go、Yearbook (年鉴)、Art in Action、Science Sack 和更多领域。您可以提供的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工有真正帮助。谢谢!
  • 请访问我们的网站 (MYFSK.ORG) 并在社交媒体上关注 PTA 以获取定期更新(Instagram和Facebook).



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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