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Principal’s Message ~ January 14

Happy Week 20!

Phew!  It has been a bumpy two weeks back, FSK!  While we have had quite a bit going on this week, we appreciate all the students, parents and families who expressed patience, gratitude and flexibility. As we approach each situation, we understand that procedures and guidelines are not always perfect. We are working hard to make sure we communicate clearly and timely, however, we will encounter some challenges and hiccups. Knowing this, we truly appreciate when we can work together and communicate with compassion, respect and patience. As we work through each day, we hear the laughter and joy from the children in the yard as they play with their friends and schoolmates; we see their excitement and undivided attention to their learning in every classroom; we feel the love and exceptional calm during this chaotic time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of this community and helping us get through this tough time together.

There is no school this Monday, January 17th, in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. We hope you will join us and honor him as a preeminent advocate of nonviolence and a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. Here are some ideas for celebrating Dr. King this weekend and beyond!

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • Attendance:  If you receive an email with quarantine instructions, please know that your child’s absences will be excused. Each morning, Ms. Betty works very hard to mark all excused absences in the system before the auto-dialer goes out, however, sometimes we miss the deadline.  If you receive an email from the school about your child’s absence AND your child has been asked to quarantine, please ignore the message and Ms. Betty will mark attendance accordingly. Thank you.
  • Rapid test kits:  On Friday, we sent home a rapid testing kit with each student who was at school. Please check your child’s backpack and you can review more information & instructions about the kits here. Please note that you may use the kits at your discretion and, for the families of students who are currently NOT in quarantine, we are encouraging you to please test your student(s) on the morning of Tuesday 1/18, or the evening of Monday 1/17 if you don’t have time to test on Tuesday morning before returning to school.  If your child was absent Friday 1/13 and you didn’t receive a kit yet, please come by the office next Tuesday 1/18 or Wednesday 1/19 BEFORE Noon to pick one up for your student.
  • Other testing options:  We still have Color Lab testing kits available for students who are symptomatic or who have been identified as a Close Contact. You may pick up a test from school any weekday between 8:00 am – 2:30 pm. Here is the District website for more information about additional testing locations and information.
  • COVID-19 Support Line:  This week, you may have received a message from the District that suggested you call the COVID-19 support line if your child tests positive. Since then, the District has asked that only certain schools use this hotline for now until they work out a more succinct system for contact tracing. Our school is not one of the schools to use the support line.  If your child tests positive, PLEASE notify Ms. Kasner, Ms. Page, and Ms. Betty as soon as possible. Do not use the COVID-19 support line.
  • COVID information: Some important things to note:
    • “Fully Vaccinated” means: Two weeks past completing the full initial course of vaccines – either two doses of Moderna or Pfizer or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine – if you are ineligible for the booster, OR  One week after receiving a COVID-19 booster of any type, if eligible for a Booster.  Note: All students will be considered up to date if they received the full initial course of COVID-19 vaccine, even without the booster.
    • Admin will send emails with an attached memo to students who have tested positive, students who have been identified as a close contact and a general exposure memo to the community when we have positive cases on campus while other students are present during the contagious period.
    • We follow CDC & SFUSD guidelines very closely and our memos contain the most current information and guidance for returning to school. Please read the memos carefully.
    • Based on what we have learned these past couple of weeks, we are seeing students test positive regardless of vaccination status. If your child is not feeling well, please keep him/her home and notify us immediately.
  • ATTENTION 5th Grade Families! If you have not submitted the application for middle school, you should do so ASAP. The deadline is February 4th, 2022. Please see the SFUSD website for more information and reach out to us if you have any questions.
  • We’re starting Round 3 of science sack distribution:  We hope you enjoyed your Science Sack! Our awesome volunteers have worked hard to prepare and distribute new Sacks for round 3! Please see the attached info sheet for details and the schedule sent in our email.

Important dates to remember:

  • Monday January 17th:  No School – MLK Day
  • Monday January 31 & Tuesday February 1:  No school – Lunar New Year Observance
  • Friday, February 4th:  Middle School application due

Messages from PTA

  • Please Volunteer to help out with Lunch Tables, Stop, Drop & Go, Yearbook, Art in Action, Science Sack, and more areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. Thank you!
  • Please visit our website (MYFSK.ORG) and follow the PTA on social media to get regular updates (Instagram and Facebook).

Enjoy the long weekend and please stay safe!  We will see you Tuesday morning.

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第20 周快乐!

这两周FSK 经历了许多坎坷!虽然这周我们有很多事情要做,但我们感谢所有表现出耐心、感激和灵活性的学生、家长和教师员工们。当我们处理每种情况时,我们明白程序和指南并不总是完美的。我们正在努力确保我们的沟通及时与清晰。我们知道会遇到一些挑战和麻烦。很感激我们可以一起工作并以同情、尊重和耐心进行沟通。在我们每天工作的过程中,我们听到院子里孩子们与朋友和同学玩耍时的笑声和喜悦;我们在每间教室都看到他们的兴奋和全神贯注的学习;在这个不同寻常的时期,我们感受到了爱和异常的平静。我们衷心感谢您是这个社区的一员,帮助我们一起度过这段艰难的时期。

1 月 17 日这个星期一没有学校,以纪念马丁路德金博士的生日。我们希望您能和我们一起庆祝并尊重他作为非暴力的杰出倡导者和民权运动的领袖。以下是本周末及以后庆祝金博士的一些建议!


  • 出勤:如果您收到一封包含隔离说明的电子邮件,请知道您孩子的缺勤将被原谅。每天早上,Betty 女士都非常努力地在自动拨号器发信息之前标记所有因故缺勤,但是,有时我们会来不及。如果您收到学校关于您孩子缺勤的电子邮件,并且您的孩子被要求隔离,请忽略该消息,Betty女士将相应地标记出勤率。谢谢你。
  • 快速检测试剂盒:今天,我们为每个在校学生送回家了一个快速检测试剂盒。请检查您孩子的背包,您可以在此处查看有关套件的更多信息和说明。请注意,这些试剂盒的使用由您自行决定,对于目前未隔离的学生家庭,我们敦促您在 1 月 18 日星期二早上或 1 月 17 日星期一晚上对您的学生进行测试,如果 周二早上不可能。 如果您的孩子在 1 月 13 日星期五缺席并且您没有收到您的工具包,请在 1 月 18 日星期二或 1 月 19 日星期三中午 12:00 之前到达办公室为您的学生领取您的工具包。 谢谢你。
  • 其他测试选项:我们仍然为有症状或被确定为密切接触者的学生提供 Color Lab 测试套件。您可以在任何工作日上午 8:00 至下午 2:30 之间从学校领取测试剂盒。这是学区网站,了解有关其他测试地点和信息的更多信息。
  • COVID-19 支持热线:本周,您可能从学区收到一条消息,建议您在孩子检测呈阳性时拨打 COVID-19 支持热线。从那时起,学区要求现在只有某些学校使用这条热线,直到他们制定出一个更简洁的接触者追踪系统。请直接联系学校。如果您的孩子检测呈阳性,请尽快通知 校长Kasner 、副校Page 和 Betty 女士。不要使用 COVID-19 支持热线。
  • COVID信息:需要注意的一些重要事项:
  • “完全接种疫苗”是指: 完成两剂 疫苗疗程后两周 – 两剂 Moderna 或 Pfizer 或一剂强生疫苗 – 如果您没有资格接种加强疫苗,或 接受 COVID- 19 任何类型的加强疫苗,如果有资格获得加强疫苗。注意:如果所有学生都接受了 COVID-19 疫苗的两剂,即使没有加强疫苗,他们也将被认为是有效的。
  • 当我们在校园内有阳性病例并有其他学生在传染期间在场时,我们将会发送电子邮件给测试呈阳性的学生、被确定为密切接触者的学生和社区通知,并附上备忘录。
  • 我们非常严格地遵循 CDC 和 SFUSD 的指导方针,我们的备忘录包含关于返校的最新信息和指导。请仔细阅读备忘录。
  • 根据我们在过去几周了解到的情况,我们看到学生无论疫苗接种状态如何都检测呈阳性。如果您的孩子感觉不适,请将他/她留在家里并立即通知我们。
  • 五年级家庭注意!
  • 如果你还没有提交中学申请,你应该尽快提交。截止日期为 2022 年 2 月 4 日。请访问网站了解更多信息,如有任何问题,请联系我们。
  • 我们开始了科学背包分发的第 3 轮:我们希望您喜欢您的科学背包!我们出色的志愿者努力为第 3 轮准备和分发新的 Sacks!有关详细信息,请参阅随附的信息表。


  • 1 月 17 日星期一:不上课 – MLK 日
  • 1 月 31 日星期一和 2 月 1 日星期二:不上课 – 农历新年
  • 2 月 4 日,星期五:中学申请截止

来自 PTA 的消息

  • 我们需要请志愿服务帮助收放午餐桌、Stop、Drop & Go、Yearbook (年鉴)、Art in Action、Science Sack 和更多领域。您可以提供的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工有真正帮助。谢谢!
  • 请访问我们的网站 (MYFSK.ORG) 并在社交媒体上关注 PTA 以获取定期更新(Instagram和Facebook)。



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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