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Principal’s Message ~ February 18

Happy Week 25!  It was another successful week, FSK!  Outer sunset weather has treated us nicely this week. Our students have been able to enjoy some extra time and sunshine outside. As we wrap up Black History Month, we will have a school-wide assembly on the yard Friday 2/25. We have invited artists & musicians, Bryan Dyer and SoVoSo, to perform for us. You can check out more information on his website.

School sites are closed this Monday in observance of President’s Day.  We wish you a wonderful long weekend and we will see you at school on TWOsday 2.22.22 🙂

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

Community Survey and Community Meeting:  The time is approaching for us to gather your input as we begin creating our school plan and budget for the 2022-2023 school year.  Please let us know your thoughts and feedback using this quick survey. One survey per family. Complete survey by Monday February 28th.   We will also be hosting a Community Meeting to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you have.  Please join us on Zoom on Thursday March 3rd @ 6:30pm.

Masking update:  While masking mandates have recently changed, the California Department of Public Health and SFUSD still require universal indoor masking for all students, staff and visitors regardless of vaccination status. As a school site, knowing we are still experiencing positive cases, we continue to encourage masking outdoors during recess and lunch. We also strongly encourage students to use a mask chain  to help prevent students from losing their masks. We have extra mask chains in the office if your child needs one.

Key Shop & Key Dollars: As a way to help congratulate and encourage positive behavior at school, we have opened a “Key Shop” where students can use their earned “Key Dollars” to purchase items of their choice. Students are given Key Dollars by staff members when they display being respectful, responsible and safe. The Key Shop is open and managed by Ms. Kusuma every first and third Thursday of the month during recess.

Color Lab account activation: Please make sure you have created a Color Lab account for your child. You can see more information and instructions on the website.

Yearbook: We have 2021-2022 yearbooks available for purchase! See the flyer here for more information. Be sure to purchase before April 15th.

Important dates to remember:

  • Thursday March 3 :  FSK Community meeting on Zoom @ 6:30pm
  • Monday March 7 – Friday March 11 :  Parent-Teacher Conference week (school dismissal @ 12:50 every day)
  • Saturday March 12, 4-8 pm:   FSK Gala (and Online Auction, March 4-11)
  • Monday March 28 – Friday April 1 :   Spring Break – No School

Messages from PTA

  • We welcome DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS for our upcoming March Online Auction & Gala! Donations are due before February 25th, email our Chairs at: Please visit our Auction Webpage for more info. Many thanks for your support!
  • Please VOLUNTEER to help out with Stop, Drop & Go, Auction/Gala, Art in Action, Science Sack, Garden, and other areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. We are also looking for new BOARD MEMBERS for 2022-24…sign up HERE. Thank you!

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第25周快乐! 这是又一个成功的一周,FSK!我们的学生非常快乐能够在户外享受一些额外的时间和阳光。 当我们结束黑人历史月时,我们将于 2 月 25 日星期五下午 1:00 在校园举行一次全校性的集会。 我们邀请了艺术家和音乐家 Bryan Dyer 和 SoVoSo 为我们表演。 你可以在他的网站上查看更多信息。

为庆祝总统日,学校将于本周一关闭。 祝您度过一个愉快的长周末,我们将在 2.22.22 的 TWOsday 在学校见到您 🙂


重要社区调查和社区会议:随着我们开始制定 2022-2023 学年的学校计划和预算,我们希望听到您的意见和想法。请使用此快速调查告知我们您的想法和反馈。在 2 月 28 日星期一之前,每个家庭请填写一份调查。另外,我们还将举办一个社区会议,听取您的想法并回答您的任何问题。请于 3 月 3 日星期四下午 6:30 加入我们的 Zoom。链接在这里。

戴口罩更新政策:尽管戴口罩的规定最近发生了变化,但加州公共卫生部和 SFUSD 仍然要求所有学生、教职员工和访客都必须戴上通用的室内口罩,无论疫苗接种状态如何。作为一个学校,我们知道我们仍在经历阳性病例,因此我们继续鼓励在课间休息和在户外午餐期间继续戴口罩。我们还强烈鼓励学生使用口罩链(见示例)来帮助防止学生丢失口罩。如果您的孩子需要,我们办公室里有额外的口罩链。

Key Shop & Key Dollars:作为祝贺和鼓励学校积极行为的一种方式,我们开设了一个“Key Shop”,学生可以在这里使用他们赚取的“Key Dollars”购买他们选择的物品。当学生表现出尊重、负责任和安全时,工作人员会给予学生“FSK美元”。 Key Shop 在每个月的第一个和第三个星期四休息期间由 Kusuma 女士开放和管理。

年鉴:我们有 2021-2022 年的年鉴可供购买!请参阅此处的传单了解更多信息。请务必在 4 月 15 日前购买。

Color Lab 帐户:为了积极主动地使用我们的PCR 检测试剂盒,我们鼓励您为您的孩子设置一个 Color Lab 帐户。 您可以在此处查看网站以获取说明。 如果您有任何问题,请让Ms。Page ( 知道。



  • 3 月 3 日星期四:下午 6:30 在 Zoom 上举行 FSK 社区会议
  • 3 月 7 日星期一至 3 月 11 日星期五:家长会周(每天 12:50 放学)
  • 3 月 12 日星期六 晚4-8点 :FSK 筹款晚会
  • 3 月 28 日星期一 – 4 月 1 日星期五:春假 – 不上学

来自 PTA 的消息

  • 我们欢迎捐款和志愿者参加我们即将举行的三月在线拍卖和晚会! 捐款截止日期为 2 月 25 日,请发送电子邮件至我们的主席。 请访问我们的拍卖网页了解更多信息。 非常感谢您的支持!
  • 请自愿在 Stop、Drop & Go、Auction/Gala、Art in Action、Science Sack、Garden 和其他领域提供帮助。 您可以给予的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工真正有帮助。 我们还在寻找 2022-24 年的新董事会成员……在这里注册。 谢谢!



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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