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Principal’s Message ~ December 10

Welcome to week 17!  As we embark upon our last week together before the winter break, we hope that our students, families and staff can take a few extra moments to celebrate all the hard work we have accomplished this semester. It has been a semester of exhilaration & exhaustion, successes & failures, ups & downs. We encourage everyone to take some time this week to celebrate, and in doing so, we hope you are able to spread joy, share in the excitement and soak up the love! Please see our updates for this week below.

Updates & Reminders:

1. Explain That! Parent workshop (12/10) has been postponed. We will reschedule for January. Thank you for understanding.

2. Our Garden Program needs your input!  Please see the information below regarding a quick survey for our Garden program at FSK. Thanks!

The nonprofit (SEI) that manages the Climate Corps Education Outside (CCEO) program, is excited to offer garden lessons at elementary schools across the San Francisco Bay Area. We are currently providing students with high quality eco-literacy and outdoor education in your school’s garden. In order to continue providing garden education at your school, we’re required to report student program participation data to our grantor, the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families (DCYF). SEI does not collect additional personal data about your child and does not share this data with any entity other than DCYF. We are grateful for your participation. If you have any questions, we are happy to talk with you.  Please email or call us at 415-507-2181, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm.  Thank you for supporting the outdoor classroom at your school!  Please follow this link to complete the survey. (This survey is optional!)

3. COVID reminders:  As the winter months and holidays are upon us, please remember to stay vigilant and practice prevention strategies to keep you and your families safe.

  • We still have Color Lab testing kits available for students who are showing symptoms or who have been identified as close contacts.
  • Pick up a testing kit from FSK & drop off the kit at any of the following locations. Make sure you administer the test and drop off the test kit on the same day.
  • Based on updated guidance from SFDPH, our District is NO LONGER accepting home tests as proof of negative COVID status. Rapid tests performed at a clinic or doctor’s office and PCR tests are acceptable.

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • December 20th – December 31st: Winter Break (*School resumes Monday, January 3rd)
  • Monday January 17th: No School – MLK Day
  • Monday January 31 & Tuesday February 1: No school – Lunar New Year Observance

Messages from PTA

  • Please Volunteer to help out with Lunch Tables, Stop, Drop & Go, Yearbook, Art in Action, Science Sack, and more areas. Any time you can give is truly helpful for our students and staff. Thank you!
  • Please visit our website (MYFSK.ORG) and follow the PTA on social media to get regular updates (Instagram and Facebook).

Have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

欢迎来到第 17周! 我们已进入寒假前的最后一周。希望我们的学生、家庭和教职员工可以多花一些时间来庆祝我们在本学期完成的所有辛勤工作。这是一个充满兴奋与疲惫,成功与失败,跌宕起伏的学期。我们鼓励大家在本周花一些时间来庆祝,在此过程中,我们希望您能够传播快乐,分享兴奋并吸收爱!


1. 解释一下!家长工作坊 (12/10) 推迟到明年一月。我们将重新安排日期。感谢您的理解。

2. 园林教育SEI CCEO 学生人口调查

亲爱的父母或监护人,SEI 是一家管理Climate Corps Education Outside (CCEO) 项目的无收益组织。我们很高兴可以为旧金山湾区的小学开设课程。现在,我们正在您学校的花园中为您的学生提供生态和生态户外教育。为了继续在您的学校提供​​园林教育,我们需要向我们的资助者,儿童家庭及其家庭部(旧金山儿童、青年、他们的家庭部,简称DCYF)报告学生的项目参与数据。SEI 不会收集关于您孩子的其他个人数据,也不会与 DCYF 的任何实体共享这些数据。我们衷心感谢您的参与。如果您对此资料包有任何疑问,我们非常乐意与您沟通。请在周一至周五上午 9 点至下午 5 点,发送电子邮件至 或致电 415 -507-2181联系我们。感谢您对学校外课的支持!


3. COVID 更新:随着冬季和假期的临近,请记住保持警惕并采取预防策略,以确保您和您的家人安全。

  • 我们仍然为出现症状或被确定为密切接触者的学生提供 Color Lab 测试套件。
  • 您必须在进行测试的同一天递交试剂盒。
  • 可供家庭使用的测试计地点:请看测试站点的 PDF 版本或 SFUSD 网站
  • 家庭应如何设置 COLOR 帐户的说明(翻译版本)COLOR 网站的翻译版本
  • 从 FSK 领取测试套件并将套件放在以下任何位置。确保您在同一天进行测试并放下测试套件。
  • 根据 SFDPH 的最新指南,我们学区不再接受家庭测试作为 COVID 阴性状态的证明。在诊所或医生办公室进行的快速测试和 PCR 测试是可以接受的。​​​​​​​


  • 12 月 20 日 – 12 月 31 日:寒假(*学校于 1 月 3 日星期一恢复)
  • 1 月 17 日星期一:不上课 – MLK 日
  • 1 月 31 日星期一和 2 月 1 日星期二:不上课 – 农历新年

来自 PTA 的消息

  • 我们需要请志愿服务帮助收放午餐桌、Stop、Drop & Go、Yearbook (年鉴)、Art in Action、Science Sack 和更多领域。您可以提供的任何时间都对我们的学生和教职员工有真正帮助。谢谢!
  • 请访问我们的网站 (MYFSK.ORG) 并在社交媒体上关注 PTA 以获取定期更新(Instagram 和Facebook)。



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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