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Principals’ Message ~ April 29

Happy Week 34!   We officially enter our last month of the 2021-2022 school year!   We can’t believe it’s already May and yet we have so many special events coming up these next few weeks!  Keep an eye out for our emails and information from the PTA to stay informed.

This week is Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week!   We hope you can take a moment to appreciate the dedicated, hard-working and compassionate teachers that make our community such a special place.  We feel so fortunate to be a part of FSK and are excited to take this next week to make our staff and teachers feel extra loved and appreciated!

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • May is AAPI Heritage Month:  SFUSD and FSK proudly honor our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities during AAPI Heritage Month. Check out our Virtual IDEAS Gallery for resources and ideas to help support your children’s learning at home. You can also check out different activities and events at the Asian Art Museum here in San Francisco.
  • April Students of the Month:   We were able to recognize our students for being Critical Thinkers during the month of April!   Congratulations to all our nominees!  For our May students of the month, we will celebrate our students for being Anti-Racist & Inclusive on May 23rd during morning circle.
  • Springboard Registration is coming soon! Registration for our summer Springboard program will be sent to families of our recommended students this weekend. Once qualifying families register, we will open registration for other students. Program runs from June 8th – July 7th with no program for Juneteenth, June 20th and 4th of July.
  • Chromebook Returns for 1st & 2nd graders:    We will soon begin the process of collecting student Chromebooks and chargers of our 1st & 2nd grade students – please remember the charger comes in two pieces (see attached photo)!   You can either bring the Chromebook with the charger to the side door of the computer lab on Kirkham and 43rd (the side door is below the school signage board) or  have your student drop by the lab with the bag containing the Chromebook and charger.   Once we receive it, we will scan the barcode and clear your child’s record just like how we keep track of library books your child borrows.
  •      Monday May 11 – 1st Grade students should bring their Chromebooks and charger
  •      Monday May 18 – 2nd Grade students should bring their Chromebooks and charger

*** Two weeks until our school Maker Faire!   Please join us on Saturday May 14th from 12:00-4:00pm for our 5th Annual Maker Faire!   Please email your questions and ideas to Ms. Rosalind ( and mark your calendar.   If you can help, we indeed need many volunteers. Please SIGN UP HERE today!

Important dates to remember:

  • May 2 – May 6 –  Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Saturday May 14 –  Maker Faire @ FSK Yard
  • Thursday May 26 –  Kinder Celebration, 7:50 – 9:00 am
  • Friday May 27 –   5th Grade Promotion, 9:15-10:30 am
  • Monday May 30 –  No School – Memorial Day
  • Wednesday June 1 –  Last day of school

Messages from PTA

  • We’re excited to put on PTA Events for our community…hope you’ll all join us:
    – 5/17 – General PTA Meeting
    – 5/20 – Spring Dance
  • We would love more VOLUNTEERS to help us with Lunch Tables, Stop Drop & Go, Movie Night, Maker Faire, Spring Dance, and other areas.  Please SIGN UP HERE today!  Thank you for your time supporting all our students and staff.

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第34周快乐! 下周我们正式进入2021-2022学年的最后一个月!我们不敢相信已经是五月了,但接下来的几周我们有很多特别活动!请留意我们来自 PTA 的电子邮件和信息,以随时了解情况。

下周是感恩老师周!感谢我们敬业、勤奋和富有同情心的教师员工们,他们让我们的社区变得如此特殊。我们很幸运是 FSK 的一员,并很高兴在下周参加这一庆祝活动,让我们的员工和老师感受到额外的爱和感激!


五月是 AAPI 传统月:SFUSD 和 FSK 在 AAPI 传统月期间自豪地向我们的亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民社区致敬。查看我们的 Virtual IDEAS Gallery,获取有助于支持您孩子在家学习的资源和想法。您还可以在旧金山的亚洲艺术博物馆查看不同的活动。

本月四月学生奖:我们能够认识到我们的学生在四月是批判性思考者!查看哪些学生获得了证书。祝贺我们所有的提名者!我们的 5 月学生奖将在 5 月 23 日早上的庆祝我们的学生成为反种族主义者和包容者。

SPRINGBOARD报名!我们的夏季Springboard的注册将在本周末发送给我们所推荐学生的家庭。一旦符合条件的家庭注册,我们将为其他学生开放注册。计划从 6 月 8 日至 7 月 7 日运行,六月节(6????️20日)和 7 月 4 日放假。

一年级和二年级学生的 Chromebook 退还:我们将开始收集一年级和二年级学生的学生 Chromebook 和充电器 – 请记住充电器分为两部分(见附图)!您可以将带充电器的 Chromebook 带到 Kirkham 和 43rd 计算机实验室的侧门(侧门位于学校标牌下方),或者让您的孩子带着装有 Chromebook 和充电器的袋子到实验室去。一旦我们收到它,我们将扫描条形码并清除您孩子的记录,就像我们跟踪您孩子借阅的图书馆书籍一样。

5 月 11 日星期一 – 1年级学生应带上他们的 Chromebook 和充电器

5 月 18 日星期一 – 2年级学生应携带 Chromebook 和充电器

距离Maker Faire还有两周!请于 5 月 14 日星期六 12-4:00 加入我们,参加我们的第五届年度 Maker Faire!请将您的问题和想法通过电子邮件发送给 Rosalind 女士 ( 并标记您的日历。如果你能帮忙,我们确实需要志愿者。请今天在这里注册!


周一 5 月 2 日 – 5 月 6 日 – 感恩教师周

5 月 14 日星期六 – Maker Faire @ FSK

5 月 26 日星期四:Kinder 庆祝活动 7:50 – 9:00 am

5 月 27 日星期五:五年级促销活动上午 9:15-10:30

5 月 30 日星期一 – 没有学校 – 阵亡将士纪念日

6 月 1 日星期三 – 上学的最后一天

来自 PTA 的消息

我们很高兴为我们的社区举办许多 4 月和 5 月的 PTA 活动……希望你们都加入我们:

4/30 – 滑冰之夜购买门票以支持我们的五年级学生

5/20 – 春舞(免费)

我们希望有更多的志愿者在午餐桌、Stop Drop & Go、电影之夜、Maker Faire、Spring Dance 和其他领域帮助我们。请今天在这里注册!感谢您花时间支持我们所有的学生和教职员工~非常感谢您。



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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