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Our Gala and Kids’ Party is 10 Days Away!

Our Gala and Kids’ Party is TEN days away!
Buy your tickets online:

  • Gala Update:  We will have 3 live entertainers & 1 DJ keeping us on our toes and making the night even more memorable. Don’t miss out, get your tickets today!
  • Kids’ Party Update: we’re down to 70 spots for the kids and tickets for this event are only available in advance.  Don’t wait to buy tickets for your kids because this event will very likely sell out ahead of the date. No walk-ins or day-of tickets will be available!  PS – Dinner will be a healthy, delicious, catered Mexican Buffet (no nuts)!

FSK Gala Poster Chinese updated-2.jpg FSK Kids Party Poster Chinese Updated-3.jpg FSK 2019 Gala Poster Updated 3-1-19-0.jpg Kids Party Flyer updated 3-1-19-1.jpg

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