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Online Auction Ends March 22nd, 8pm

Keep bidding on all the great items at our FSKAPE Online Auction
before it ends at 8pm on Monday, March 22nd! 

 — Support all our STUDENTS & STAFF by bidding on so many items, such as our Pegasus Parade,  Class Activities/Projects,  Fund-A-Need, and dozens more items up for grabs. 

— Check out this VIDEO update to see some great items list on our Auction site.  

— Please help us by sharing the Auction website  with at least one other person so they may also bid on items.  We need YOUR HELP to raise $35,000 at our Online Auction this year to support the purchase of new technology hardware, licenses for software programs for all 560 students, and more air purifiers, all items we need when FSK reopens next month and in future years.  

— Check out our Auction updates and promo VIDEOS from our community:  and  .   

— Please feel free to contact our Auction Chairs, Tina & Katie, anytime at

Thanks for your support of our wonderful school!




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