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FSK Passport, Summer 2021: Franco’s Latin Table

We are excited to continue working with local, FSK Family-owned businesses in our FSK Passport: Summer 2021 program!

Please join us this coming weekend, June 11-13, for our partnership with Franco’s Latin Table. Support this amazing FSK family-owned business and help raise money for our school while doing so–it’s a win-win!

— Enjoy a delicious meal for dine-in or take-out and FSK gets a donation back of 10% of all proceeds from the weekend!
— Make sure to mention or type in “FSK” by your name when ordering in person/online/by phone from 6/11-6/13 so your order is credited for the promo.
Online and phone orders accepted for direct pick-up by you, only (no third-party/delivery vendors will be valid or accepted for this promo).
— See the flier below for more info and enjoy the incredible food at Franco’s Latin Table this coming weekend!

Thank you!




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