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Direct Donation Drive

This week our Direct Donation Drive kicks off as our major fundraising push for our incredible public school. Please DONATE today! Our fundraising goal this year is $124,000. We are looking to every FSK family to please contribute what you can to help make our school the very best it can be for your children and every one of our 560 students!

Your Direct Donation contribution to the FSK PTA is the most effective way to support our school. Donations allow us to maintain and expand our innovative and vibrant programs, support our incredible teachers and staff, and produce events that connect our unique and wonderful school community. How about pledging at least one month’s preschool tuition? It will totally, directly benefit your child’s experience at FSK. We would love to have every family contribute $300 for their FSK student or $600 per family with multiple FSK students. Thank you all so much for your generosity and support for FSK; it is truly a special community of teachers, staff, parents, and kids. What we have seen especially acutely since March is that our community comes together and accomplishes incredible things amidst huge challenges.

How Can I Make a Direct Donation?

There are a few different ways to donate directly to our FSK PTA. We encourage you to donate online if possible as it’s the fastest and easiest option during Covid-19. Please note we are a non-profit entity; monetary donations made by you may be eligible for a tax deduction. Our FSK PTA Tax ID is 94-2569531.

1) Visit our website and make a Direct Donation via the website; you have several different options, including monthly recurring payments or a one-time donation:

2) Visit Totem and become a member of our PTA and make your Direct Donation at the same time!

3) You may also donate by check; to do so, please make your check payable to ‘FSK PTA’ and mail the check directly to our school (FSK PTA Fundraising, ATTN. Emily LaTourrette, 1530 43rd Avenue, SF, CA 94122).

4) Become a Sponsor for our Move-A-Thon event, October 13-19! Please see info on our event webpage.

Matching Donations:
We strongly encourage you to please look into corporate matching to see if your employer offers matching for donations you make to FSK! Many companies, large and small, will happily match your donation to our school. This is a great and easy way for us to double our money raised for FSK.

How Can I Find Out More???
To learn more about what your donations support and other ways you can support FSK Fundraising, check out the Fundraising page on the FSK website under “Be Involved”. There are many different ways you can support our school.

As always, you can email me with questions OR to let me know if you’d like to be part of our Fundraising team:



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