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PTA Meeting on Wednesday, August 28th, 6p  


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23/08/2019 3:37 pm  

Join us for our first PTA General Meeting on Wednesday, Aug 28th at 6pm. *** PLEASE RSVP (we need headcount for Food and Babysitting:)--- at Q">

1. You DO NOT have to be a PTA member to attend. 
2. You DO have to be a PTA member to VOTE.
3. We will be VOTING on: BUDGET, introducing new programs 
4. We will be giving out PRIZES for stepping up to CHAIR at our FALL FESTIVAL (SEPT. 28)
5. You will learn more about our School needs & priorities via our SSC/PTA presentation, which will help us set our goals for this/ next year.
6. Meet old friends and make new ones!  
7.  Also, we will have our awesome FSK LOGOWEAR available for sale (cash and checks appreciated;  credit card/PayPal accepted)!  
  • We appreciate you bringing your own plate(s)/utensil(s) to cut down on waste and support our sustainability efforts at FSK.  Thank you!
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