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School begins with Distance Learning on Monday, August 17  


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11/08/2020 12:58 pm  

We will begin our 2020-21 School Year with Distance Learning this Monday, August 17th.

-- This week:  Classroom teachers will contact you with information about schedules for the beginning of the school year, please check and read your emails.  

       ***Not receiving any emails?  Please sign up immediately for  SFUSD PARENTVUE 

-- August 14th, 9a-1pm, FSK Schoolyard: please  fill out the SFUSD TECH REQUEST FORM and then you may pick up a Chromebook at our FSK schoolyard this Friday, 14th in hourly, designated slots based on your child's LAST NAME from 9a-1pm.  

-- TBD:  SFSUD printed materials will be sent to FSK next week and we will let you know the date when you can come pick up those materials.  


We got this, FSK!