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Grandparents Day Walk and Roll Special Bib  


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11/09/2020 3:04 am  

Join in anytime September 13-20, 2020 to celebrate the GRANDPARENTS/GRANDFRIENDS in your life by running, strolling, or rolling along on the beautiful Great Highway.  Our Walk and Roll is open the whole week. It’s a casual and independent event that can be done individually or safely distanced with family, friends, classmates, and grandparents. For details and photos, visit:


WHERE:  Start at the Great Highway at Sloat.   

***Suggested routes:  SLOAT to MORAGA and back = 5K  (3.1 miles)!   SLOAT to LINCOLN and back = 4.2 miles!

WHEN:  Anytime between 9/13 to 9/20. The Walk and Roll can be done independently or in safely distanced small groups of families — it’s up to you!

WHO:  Bring your classmates, family, even Grandparents! Practice social distancing and safe mask protocols while you honor the grandparents (past and present) in your life.


***Please print out the special Grandparents Day BIB (attachment) and wear it during your walk & roll this week!***


More info at:

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