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Principal’s Message ~ September 24th

We can’t believe it’s already week 7!   While this year continues to bring us ups and downs, our students and community continue to impress us with their ability to adapt, be positive and support one another.  We know things have not been easy and that this pandemic has affected all of us in many ways, sometimes more negative ways than positive. We want our community to know that we are here to support your children and families as best we can.  While we are all experiencing this pandemic in different ways, we encourage our families and students to remain compassionate and understanding; be kind to yourself; seek help and support when needed and continue to practice safety measures we know work.  You can also see some tips for Self-Care during COVID-19 from the University of Illinois Chicago and the CDC.

Finally, we know that many of the things we have been able to accomplish this year couldn’t be done without the unwavering support of our PTA Board & volunteers. We want to give a huge THANK YOU to our Stop, Drop & Go, lunch table, picture day, room parent, traffic safety and Science Sack volunteers! We are forever grateful for your hard work and dedication.

Updates & Reminders:

1. FSK Family Welcome Back Check in:   Thank you to the 155 families who have responded to our Welcome Back Check-in Survey!  We still want to hear from ALL our families. Please take a moment to fill out our Welcome Back Check in Survey and let us know how your child is adjusting and if there is anything we can do to support you and your family. Thank you, in advance, for your time and input.

2. Students-of-the-Month:   Each month, we will recognize our students for their skills, strengths, and growth identified from various SFUSD Graduate Profile characteristics. This month, classroom teachers will nominate several students for their CREATIVITY. These students 1) create works of art, products, or solutions to explore a meaningful concept, topic, or issue; 2) engage in a creative or problem-solving process; and 3) make changes to a work, product or solution, working through setbacks in the creative process. We will celebrate these students during the last Monday morning assembly of each month.

3. Science Sacks are BACK:  Yay! Our Science Sack Team is ready to bring the program back to our students. Please see this info sheet for details. We are hoping to begin the program in early October (specific dates are coming soon!).

4. Walk & Roll to School Day – Wednesday October 6, 2021: Thousands of students across San Francisco will walk, bike, scoot, and roll to school on Wednesday, October 6. The event builds yearlong excitement around getting to school in people-powered ways that are good for our health, environment, and communities. Parents and caregivers: be sure to mark your calendar! Learn more at

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • Friday October 1st:  School Spirit Day – Wear Green
  • Monday October 11th:  Indigenous Peoples’ Day,  NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday October 12th:  Make-up Picture Day

Message from PTA:

Thank you to everyone who attended our PTA Meeting last night and shared great ideas and questions! For those who missed the PTA meeting, here is the VIDEO recording and SLIDE DECK if you would like more info.

  1. September 30th:  our Back to School Fundraiser supporting outdoor lunch tables, garden irrigation and staff appreciation ends; please donate online at
  2. October 2nd:  Kinder & 1st Grade Playdate, 2-4pm, Playland  (see ParentSquare for details)
  3. October 12th-19th:  Our Move-A-Thon is back! Stay tuned for details.
  4. Join our PTA and advocate for all our students.
  5. Please Volunteer and help our community ~ we have many different areas where we would love your support.

Please visit our website and log onto our new FSK ParentSquare for the latest update. Families who filled out the ParentSquare Form before September 19 were sent an activation link by email; if you filled out the Form this week or will fill it out today, please wait 5-10 days to receive an email with the activation link. Thank you!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. See you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

大家,晚上好,欢迎来到第 7 周! 我们不敢相信已经是第 7 周了!虽然今年继续给我们带来许多起起落落,但我们的学生和社区继续以他们的适应能力、积极态度和相互支持的能力给我们留下深刻印象。我们知道疫情在很多方面影响了我们所有人,有时负面影响大于正面影响。我们希望我们的社区知道我们在这里尽我们所能支持您的孩子和家庭。虽然我们都以不同的方式经历这种 ,但我们鼓励我们的家人和学生保持同情心和理解力;善待自己;在需要时寻求帮助和支持,并继续采取我们知道有效的安全措施。您还可以从伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校和 CDC 看到 COVID-19 期间的一些自我保健技巧。

最后,我们知道,如果没有我们 PTA 董事会和志愿者的坚定支持,我们今年能够完成的许多事情是无法完成的。我们要向我们的 Stop, Drop & Go、午餐桌、拍照日、班级家长、交通安全和 Science Sack 志愿者表示衷心的感谢!我们永远感谢您的辛勤工作和奉献。


FSK欢迎家庭返校调查:感谢 155 个家庭对我们的返校调查做出回应!我们仍然希望收到我们所有家人的来信。请花点时间填写我们的欢迎返校调查,让我们知道您孩子的适应情况,以及我们是否可以做些什么来支持您和您的家人。提前感谢您的时间和投入。

每月学生奖:每个月,我们都会表彰我们的学生从各种 SFUSD 毕业生档案特征中确定的技能、优势和成长。本月,课堂教师将提名几名学生的创造力。这些学生 1) 创作艺术作品、产品或解决方案以探索有意义的概念、主题或问题; 2) 参与创造性或解决问题的过程; 3) 对作品、产品或解决方案进行更改,克服创作过程中的挫折。我们将在每个月的最后一个星期一早上的集会上庆祝这些学生。

Science Sacks 又回来了:耶!我们的 Science Sacks 团队已准备好将该计划带回我们的学生。有关详细信息,请参阅随附的信息表。我们希望在 10 月初开始该计划(具体日期即将推出!)。

步行和滚动上学日 – 2021 年 10 月 6 日星期三:旧金山各地的数千名学生将于 10 月 6 日星期三步行、骑自行车、滑板车和滚车上学。该活动围绕以人为动力的方式上学建立了长达一年的兴奋这对我们的健康、环境和社区都有好处。父母和看护人:一定要在日历上做标记!在 上了解更多信息。


10 月 1 日星期五:学校精神日 – 穿绿色衣服

10 月 11 日星期一:土著人民节不上课

10 月 12 日星期二:照片补拍日

来自 PTA 的消息:

感谢昨晚参加我们 PTA 会议并分享好想法和问题的所有人!对于那些错过 PTA 会议的人,如果您想了解更多信息,这里是视频录和幻灯片

  1. 9 月 30 日:我们支持户外午餐桌、花园灌溉和员工答谢的返校筹款活动结束;请通过 在线捐款。
  2. 10 月 2 日:儿童和一年级游戏日期,下午 2-4 点,游乐场
  3. 10 月 12 日至 19 日:我们的 Move-A-Thon 又回来了!请继续关注详情。
  4. 加入我们的 PTA 并为我们所有的学生发声。
  5. 请志愿服务并帮助我们的社区~我们有许多不同的领域,我们希望得到您的支持。

请访问我们的网站并登录我们新的 FSK ParentSquare 以获取最新更新。在 9 月 19 日之前填写 ParentSquare 表格的家庭会通过电子邮件收到激活链接;如果您在本周填写或将在今天填写表格,请等待 5-10 天以收到一封包含激活链接的电子邮件。谢谢!



Kasner校长, Page副校长

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