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Principal’s Message ~ October 1st

Welcome to week 8!   Happy October, everyone! As we gear up for the Fall, we have a lot of important reminders and events coming up.  Please make sure to read our messages in their entirety to stay updated.

With the weather constantly changing, please make sure you send your child to school with layered clothing so they can stay cool OR warm. Please also make sure everything is labeled with your child’s name.  Our Lost & Found cart is full with unclaimed items! If you are missing items, please claim them as soon as possible.

We will make our Lost & Found cart available at the back yard gate on 42nd Ave next week:  Monday 10/4 – Friday 10/8 from  2:00-2:15pm  and  during After-school from  4:30-5:30pm. By Friday 10/8 evening, any unclaimed items will be donated.  

Updates & Reminders:

1. Filipino American History Month: Throughout the month of October, we celebrate Filipino history and commemorate the first recorded presence of Filipinos in the continental United States! During this time, we celebrate the rich culture, history and heritage of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. Please visit our virtual IDEAS Gallery to learn more about Filipino history & heritage and various resources to celebrate this month.  Students can read more about Filipino history at school by visiting our in-person IDEAS Gallery in the hallway by the office and stairway.

2. Walk & Roll to School Day – Wednesday October 6, 2021: Thousands of students across San Francisco will walk, bike, scoot, and roll to school on Wednesday, October 6. The event builds year-long excitement around getting to school in people-powered ways that are good for our health, environment, and communities. Parents and caregivers: be sure to mark your calendar!  Learn more at  If your child bikes or scooters to school this day, they will need to park their equipment at the Bike gate on 43rd Ave.

3. Enrollment Fair for 2022-2023:  SFUSD’s virtual enrollment fair is starting soon!  Please see the flyer and website for more details. The Middle School Enrollment fair will take place on Wednesday October 27th. First round applications are due February 4, 2022.  Make sure to mark your calendar. For any incoming Kindergarteners and new families, FSK’s virtual enrollment fair is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th at 10:00am, 1:00pm and 5:00pm.  We are also offering ONE in-person information session (NOT tours) in November, December and January. Help us spread the word and check for updates on!

4. Students of the Month:  We were able to recognize our students in K-5 for their creativity this month! See which students took home a certificate. Congratulations to all our nominees!

5.  Science Sacks are BACK -Yay!  Our Science Sacks team is ready to bring the program back to our students. Please see the attached info sheet for details. Please see the dates below for Round 1 distribution of science sacks:

  • K-A / 1-A : Take home on Thursday Sept 30 // Return to school on Monday Oct 4
  • 2-A / 3-A : Take home on Thursday Oct 7 // Return to school on Tues Oct 12  (*Mon 10/11 is a holiday)
  • K-B / 1-B : Take home on Thursday Oct 14 // Return to school on Mon Oct 18
  • 2-B / 3-B : Take home on Thursday Oct 21 // Return to school on Mon Oct 25

Here are the A/B groups for each grade level:

  • K-A (104/Lorenz & 107/Thai) and 1-A (102/Reber and 103/Munoz)
  • K-B (105/Cuper & 106/Lee) and 1-B (130/Liu & 131/Farshchi)
  • 2-A (215/Lam & 217/Phong) and 3-A (207/Quinn & 208/Chung)
  • 2-B (101/Delaney & 216/Lai) and 3-B (209/Chan & 210/Johnson)

Upcoming dates to remember:

  1. Friday, October 8th:  School Spirit Day – Wear Purple
  2. Monday, October 11th:  Indigenous Peoples’ Day Holiday,  NO SCHOOL
  3. Tuesday, October 12th:  Make-up Picture Day

Message from PTA

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. See you Monday morning!


Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page


If you or your student have any of the following symptoms or test positive for Covid, or you are unvaccinated and a close contact of someone who tested positive, please do NOT send your student or come to school yourself.  During in-person learning, please let Ms. Kasner know of any symptoms, positive Covid test results, or exposure as soon as possible.

Symptoms include:

  • fever greater than 100.4 F / 38 C
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • chills, repeated shaking, shivering
  • headache
  • muscle or body aches
  • unusually tired or fatigued
  • loss of smell or taste
  • nausea/vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • runny nose
  • congestion

Contact Ms. Kasner if you have any questions or concerns. If you’d like to get tested, here is information for finding places in SF for COVID-19 testing:   consult your doctor or  How to find a testing location in SF  or  visit a SFUSD site for free testing with Color Lab.  If the test result is Positive, please do NOT come to school or send your student to school.  Please let Ms. Kasner know about the test results as soon as possible. Thank you!


欢迎来到第 8 周!


随着天气不断变化,请确保您送孩子上学时穿着多层次的衣服,这样他们就可以保持凉爽或温暖。还请确保所有物品都标有您孩子的名字。我们的失物招领架上装满了无人认领的物品!如果您缺少衣物物品,请尽快领取。下周,我们将在 42nd Ave 的大院门口提供我们的失物招领推车:周一 10/4 – 周五 10/8 2: 00-2: 15 以及放学后的下午 4: 30-5: 30。到 10 月 8 日星期五,我们将捐赠任何无人认领的物品。


1. 菲律宾裔美国人历史月:整个 10 月,我们会庆祝菲律宾人的历史,并纪念菲律宾人在美国大陆的首次记录!在此期间,我们庆祝菲律宾人和菲律宾裔美国人丰富的文化、历史和遗产。请访问我们的虚拟 IDEAS 画廊,了解更多关于菲律宾历史和遗产以及本月庆祝的各种资源。学生可以通过访问我们的面对面 IDEAS 画廊,在学校阅读更多有关菲律宾历史的信息。

2. 步行和滚动上学日 – 2021 年 10 月 6 日星期三:旧金山各地的数千名学生将于 10 月 6 日星期三步行、骑自行车、滑板车和滚动上学。该活动围绕以人为动力的方式上学建立了整年的兴奋。这对我们的健康、环境和社区都有好处。父母和看护人:一定要在日历上做标记!在 上了解更多信息。如果您的孩子今天骑自行车或踏板车上学,他们需要将设备停放在 43rd Ave 的自行车门口。

3. 2022-2023 年招生展:SFUSD 的虚拟招生展即将开始!请参阅传单和网站了解更多详情。 10 月 27 日(星期三)将举行初中招生交易会。第一轮申请截止日期为 2022 年 2 月 4 日。请务必标记您的日历。对于任何即将入学的幼儿园儿童和新家庭,FSK 的虚拟招生展览会定于 10 月 26 日星期二的 10:00点、1:00点 和 5:00点 举行。我们还在 11 月、12 月和 1 月提供一次面对面信息会议(非参观教室)。帮助我们宣传并检查 上的更新!

4. 每月学生奖:本月我们能够表彰 K-5 学生的创造力!查看哪些学生将证书带回家。祝贺我们所有的提名者!

5. Science Sacks回来了:耶!我们的 Science Sacks 团队已准备好将该计划带回我们的学生。有关详细信息,请参阅随附的信息表


  • K-A / 1-A:9 月 30 日星期四带回家 // 10 月 4 日星期一返回学校
  • 2-A / 3-A:10 月 7 日星期四带回家 // 10 月 12 日星期二返校
  • K-B / 1-B:10 月 14 日星期四带回家 // 10 月 18 日星期一返回学校
  • 2-B / 3-B:10 月 21 日星期四带回家 // 10 月 25 日星期一返回学校

以下是每个年级的 A/B 组:

  • K-A (104 / Lorenz & 107 / Thai) 和 1-A (102 / Reber and 103 / Munoz)
  • K-B (105 / Cuper & 106 / Lee) 和 1-B (130 / Liu & 131 / Farshchi)
  • 2-A (215 / Lam & 217 / Phong) 和 3-A (207 / Quinn & 208 / Chung)
  • 2-B (101 / Delaney & 216 / Lai) 和 3-B (209 / Chan & 210 / Johnson)


  • 10 月 8 日星期五:学校精神日 – 穿紫色
  • 10 月 11 日星期一:土著人民节不上课
  • 10 月 12 日星期二:美妆日

来自 PTA 的消息



Kasner校长, Page副校长

您的学生没有必要进行 COVID-19 测试。但是,如果您想进行测试,以下是在旧金山寻找 COVID-19 测试地点的信息:咨询您的医生或如何在 SF 找到测试地点,或访问 SFUSD 网站以通过 Color Lab 进行免费测试。如果测试结果为阳性,请不要来学校。请尽快让您的校长知道测试结果。


  • 发烧(华氏100.4度/摄氏38度或更高)
  • 咳嗽
  • 喉咙痛
  • 呼吸急促
  • 发冷,反复发抖/颤抖
  • 头痛
  • 肌肉或身体疼痛
  • 异常疲倦或虚脱
  • 哀悼觉或味觉
  • 恶心/呕吐
  • 腹泻
  • 流鼻涕
  • 鼻塞


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