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Principal’s Message ~ March 21

Happy Week 29!  We are so proud of our proactive, compassionate and imaginative students! We were able to put together 57 Cheer boxes for children in Ukraine. Thank you, Ms. Delaney and Room 101 students, for facilitating this great project.

We also want to acknowledge the unwavering support of our entire community during our Gala fundraiser. Big shout out to Tina & Katie, our Gala chairs, for putting together such an awesome event last Saturday and organizing our online auction to help us raise money to support our students and school!

Please make note of the following updates & reminders:

  • District Family Culture & Climate Survey: We now have 357 family responses – THANK YOU for your input! SFUSD has extended the deadline for the survey. Use the link here: by Wednesday 3/23!
  • Masking, Test Kits & Schoolyard updates:
  • Test Kits: Starting Monday 3/21, test kits will be sent home with students. Please see the flier (English / Chinese / Espanol) for more information and details – please administer a test before returning from Spring break even if your child is asymptomatic. If your child is absent Monday 3/21, please stop by the office to pick up your test kits before Thursday 3/24.
  • Masking: As a school site, we will be following District guidance on masking and contact tracing protocols. Please see updated guidance here.
  • School yard: Starting Monday 4/4, guardians may enter the schoolyard to drop off students during morning assembly. Please be mindful of the space and allow students to line up with their classes; guardians can stand at the back of the classroom lines during morning circle.

Summer Camps/Programs:

  • Camp Galileo: Camp Galileo will offer their summer camp at FSK this summer. Camp is week-long sessions from June 6th – July 15th. See this link for registration!
  • BACR Summer 2022 Interest Form: As we plan for Summer programming, we ask you to kindly fill out this quick interest form. Summer camp will run from June 6-July 15, 2022 at FSK (closed on June 20th for Juneteenth and July 4 for Independence day). We will be serving INCOMING 1st graders-5th graders. Fill out the form here.
  • SpringBoard Summer Reading Program: Many families have reached out to us to see if we will have this program this summer. We have been in communication with SFUSD. As of now, our school is NOT eligible for the program. We will inform you if we get the program.

Important dates to remember:

  • Monday March 21 : Student of the Month morning announcement
  • Monday March 21 : Testing Kits will be sent home
  • Monday March 28 – Friday April 1 : Spring Break – No School

Messages from PTA

  • Join us for our General PTA meeting next Tuesday March 22nd @ 6:30pm – Zoom .
  • We would love MORE VOLUNTEERS to help out with our Lunch Tables, Stop Drop & Go, Art in Action, Garden, Movie Night, Spring Dance, and other areas. Thank you for your time supporting our students and staff!

Sending love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

第29周快乐! 我们为我们积极主动、富有同情心和富有想象力的学生感到自豪!我们能够为乌克兰的儿童制作 57 个Cheer boxes。感谢德莱尼女士和 101 室的学生们为这个伟大的项目提供了便利。

我们还想感谢我们整个社区在我们的 Gala 筹款活动中坚定不移的支持。恭喜我们的联欢晚会主席 Tina 和 Katie ,她们在上周六举办了如此精彩的活动并组织了我们的在线拍卖,以帮助我们筹集资金来支持我们的学生和学校!


我们需要您的反馈 家庭文化与气氛调查:感谢花时间填写调查的家长。截至目前,我们有 357个家庭完成了调查。我们想听听大家的意见!调查延迟到3月23日,请使用此处的链接填写我们的调查链接:!


测试套件:从 3 月 21 日星期一开始,测试套件将由学生回家。请参阅传单(英文/中文/西班牙文)了解更多信息和详细信息 – 即使您的孩子没有症状,也请在春假返回之前进行测试。如果您的孩子在 3 月 21 日星期一缺席,请在 3 月 24 日星期四之前到办公室领取您的测试套件。


校园:从 4 月 4 日星期一开始,监护人可以在早会期间进入校园接送学生。请注意空间,让学生按班级排队;晨会时,监护人可以站在学生们的后面。


Camp Galileo伽利略夏令营:伽利略夏令营将于今年夏天在 FSK 提供他们的夏令营。夏令营是从 6 月 6 日到 7 月 15 日为期一周的课程。看这个链接注册!

BACR 夏季 2022 兴趣表:当我们计划夏季编程时,请您填写此快速兴趣表。夏令营将于 2022 年 6 月 6 日至 7 月 15 日在 FSK 举行(6 月 20 日为六月节,7 月 4 日为独立日)。我们将为即将到来的一年级至五年级学生提供服务。在这里填写表格。

SpringBoard暑期阅读计划:许多家庭已经联系我们,看看我们今年夏天是否会有这个计划。我一直在与 SFUSD 进行沟通。截至目前,我们学校没有资格参加该计划。如果我们得到程序,我会通知你。




3 月 21 日星期一:检测试剂盒将被送回家

3 月 28 日星期一 – 4 月 1 日星期五:春假 – 不上学

来自 PTA 的消息

请参加 3 月 22 日,周二下午 6:30 举行的 PTA 全体会议 – 此处Zoom链接 

我们希望有更多的志愿者为我们的晚会、Stop Drop & Go、艺术在行动、花园、电影之夜、春舞和其他领域提供帮助。另一种抽出时间的方式是成为 2022-24 年的 PTA 董事会成员……请在 3 月 15 日之前在此处注册。感谢您花时间支持我们的学生和教职员工!

我们希望有更多的志愿者为我们的晚会、Stop Drop & Go、艺术在行动、花园、电影之夜、春舞和其他领域提供帮助。感谢您花时间支持我们的学生和教职员工!谢谢!



Kasner校长, Page副校长


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