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Community & Inclusivity

After School Learning Program (ASLP)

BACR believes in providing a fun, nurturing environment where students can improve and develop academic and social skills, new interests, and personal growth. Each day of the school year in five Bay Area counties, more than 15,000 students from Transitional Kindergarten to High School participate in BACR expanded learning programs during out-of-school time where they learn to be productive, navigate challenges successfully, and build positive relationships with their peers and adults. (

The After School Learning Program (ASLP) is committed to creating a safe and engaging space for youth to explore their skillset and impact, cultivate creativity and foster all types of social connections. In addition to academic support, enrichment classes and physical education; our program incorporates intentional community building with a focus on equity and inclusion. We partner with day school administration and staff to provide a continuum of learning making After School an ideal place to be once the bell rings!

Program Summary
Our site is located at Francis Scott Key Elementary, 1530 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, California 94122. The After School Learning Program (ASLP) is open every school day (Mon - Fri), from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM and an early release on Wednesdays (1:00 PM - 6:00 PM).

CONTACT: For more information, please email FSK’s After-School Site Coordinator, Hélène Szabados, or Assistant Site Coordinator, Grezyl Sabangan.

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After School Parent Slide Deck
For all information pertaining to our program, including schedules and protocols, please refer to our Parent Slide Deck Link below. (If you have trouble accessing the slides, please reach out to us)
Typical Day
A typical day at FSK’s ASLP starts when school day is dismissed. TK, Kinder & 1st Grade Program Leaders pick up their students from the classroom, while 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th graders are released to the yard where they will meet their ASLP group and Program Leader in a designated zone.
Supper & Recess
After students are signed in, they are dismissed to supper or recess. Lower grades eat first for the first half hour and enjoy recess time for the second half hour; while upper grades enjoy recess first and then regroup for supper when the bell rings.
During supper, our students are provided a free, healthy meal option from SFUSD Nutrition Services and the opportunity to share community time with their ASLP group. We encourage health-focused foods at ASLP!
 Please help us by packing nutritious snacks and drinks from home that help our students keep up their energy.

fsk youth playground

Following supper and structured recreation, our students line back up with their groups and head to the classrooms.

Homework Hour
A structured environment for students to work on their homework both independently and collaboratively with the assistance of Program Leaders.
*We are not a homework completion program but we do offer a full hour of homework time for students to complete what they can during that hour.

Enrichment Clubs
Program Leaders develop and facilitate lesson plans that promote student’s social & emotional skill development, problem solving, creativity, and engagement in their communities. Our Program Leaders provide a wide range of activities in subjects such as Art, STEM, Literacy, Life Skill Building, Community Building including Social and Emotional education and more.

  • Subcontracted Enrichments
    We also teamed up with several independent subcontractors around the Bay Area to provide additional enrichment opportunities. These include fee based programs such as Mandarin and Spanish Language programs, as well as a Girls Sports Club, Marine Biology Club, and Lion Dance Club.
    *Some of our contracted clubs are facilitated during Homework Hour, which can result in your student not having time to complete their homework on those days. Our Program Leaders are expected to shift their facilitation towards their own Club Enrichment once Homework Hour is over.

fsk youth reading

Structured playtime for students, led by Program Leaders, that promotes active lifestyle choices, teamwork and leadership. We host games including Basketball, Wall Ball, Foursquare, Kick - Ball, Play Structure Time, Soccer, Tag Football and so much more! It is a joy to have parents join in the fun with our students by playing sports during pick up hour!

fsk youth outdoor games

Special Events
ASLP holds various events for our students and families to attend throughout the year, such as Lights On Afterschool! Monthly Showcases and Fashion Shows, Seasonal Carnivals and celebrations. We hope to bring the entire FSK community together during these events. Please look for communications from our Coordinator about special dates throughout the school year.