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Volunteers Needed: Painting and STEAM furniture Assembly, 3/8 & 3/9/19

Hello FSK Community,  

We need your HELP this FRIDAY after school & SATURDAY at 9AM.

1.) Prepping Teacher’s Lounge for painting on Friday afternoon after school is out — if you are there for a conference, stop by and help for a few minutes.  Saturday we will be doing the painting, so please give any time you can spare that day for painting.  After the walls are painted, we will be placing furniture back in the Teacher’s Lounge.

2.) The new STEM furniture has finally arrived, and several teachers will need help putting their furniture together including Ms. Chung, Ms. Lai, Ms. Lam & Ms. Moore.  Please come and help so that your child’s classroom will be ready for Monday.

Please bring paint rollers/brushes if you have any to make work easier. See attached photo as a reference for type of supplies needed. The more hands on we have, the faster and lighter the work. 🙂 Any amount of time is welcome. Thank you!

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