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Reminder: Help Needed with Furniture Assembly & Painting on 1/5 @ 10AM at FSK

Hello FSK Community!

We need your HELP this SATURDAY…—

1) Prepping Teacher’s Lounge for painting and Painting (taking fridge, cabinets, stove away from walls for paint access)

2) Ikea furniture assembly – 4 barstools, 2 bar tables, coffee table, rectangular tables for the middle of the room in teacher’s lounge.

3) After walls are painted…placing furniture back in the Teacher’s Lounge

Please bring any tools (for furniture assembly) or paint rollers/brushes if you have any to make work easier.

We were able to assemble a sofa and 12 Ikea chairs; re-arrange cabinets in 204 and move 2 copiers to 204 last Saturday, in the span of 4 hours! Thank you to Kai, Rosalind and Ms. Ling!

The more hands on we have, the faster and lighter the work:) Any amount of time is welcome.

Thank you!

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