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PTA Newsletter ~ Special Edition, August

A new fun school activity this year is our FSK Friday Spirit Days!  The theme for our next two Spirit Days on 8/27 and 9/3 is Pegasus Pride ~ please wear logowear or blue/yellow items to school to show off your school spirit.  For upcoming Friday Spirit Days, the themes will be shared by our Principals in their updates.

We have a NEW Gold color FSK Logo Tee available for purchase in kids and adults sizes –> check out our Special Edition Newsletter for a photo!  Our logowear is always available for purchase ONLINE at .

If you’d like to purchase and pickup FSK logowear this week:
1. Purchase items in advance online by August 26th at
2. Pick up your pre-ordered items at our pop-up Logowear Table on August 27th, from 1:45-2:30pm, right outside the 42nd Avenue Gate, where 1st-3rd grade students get picked up.

Another way to show your school spirit is to become a PTA Member. Become an advocate for all our FSK students by joining our wonderful FSK PTA. Join today ~ it takes 2 minutes to sign up online:

Let’s go, Pegasi!




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