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Principal Messages

Principals' Message ~ January 21

Happy Week 21!   We’re officially entering the last week of January and our motto this month has been flexibility!  As always, our teachers have been working tirelessly to keep students engaged and learning. If your…

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Principal's Message ~ January 14

Happy Week 20! Phew!  It has been a bumpy two weeks back, FSK!  While we have had quite a bit going on this week, we appreciate all the students, parents and families who expressed patience,…

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Principals' Message ~ January 10

Happy Week 19!  We’re officially back!  It has been so heartwarming to see our smiling students and families back on campus. While this week may have felt long for a lot of us getting back…

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Principal's Message ~ December 30

Happy New Year!  Wish you all a year filled with good health, peace, and love! As we prepare for the new semester and welcome everyone’s return, I am writing to remind you of the safety…

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Principals' Message ~ December 17th

Happy Winter Break! We have officially wrapped up the Fall semester and 2021! Congratulations to all our students, staff and families for their hard work, cooperation, compassion and support these past 5 months. We hope…

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