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Principals’ Special Message

We wanted to send you one final note as we enter our Thanksgiving break.  We are wishing you a wonderful week off and hope you are able to rest, relax and enjoy doing the things that bring you joy! 

We have a few announcements before we “see” you again for Zoom classes on Monday, November 30th.

While the holiday season is coming up, we wanted to remind you to please stay safe.  

Here is a short message from the SF Department of Public Health Travel Advisory:  COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and this is a time of year when many travel or host out-of-town visitors. The SF Department of Public Health issued a travel advisory.  Nonessential travel is not recommended.  Travel outside the Bay Area will increase your chance of getting infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, and spreading it to others after your return.  Additional precautions should also be taken when hosting and interacting with people traveling to the Bay Area, especially from other areas with widespread COVID-19. Many people with COVID-19 have no symptoms.  The virus that causes COVID-19 can also travel in the air beyond 6 feet.  The virus collects indoors and in enclosed spaces including in planes, buses, trains, public transportation, or other shared vehicles. 

We also wanted to say “Thank you!” to those parents who were able to attend the General PTA meeting last week. We appreciated being able to share information with you, as well as answer your questions about our School Name Change process and Reopening procedures. If you weren’t able to attend, you can find a recording of the meeting by using this link.  As always, please feel free to reach out to administrators with any questions, concerns or feedback.  

 Here are some resources we shared at the meeting:

School Name Change Committee  

School Reopening Information

  • Francis Scott Key is part of Wave 2 in the reopening process for Hybrid learning (Phase 2A).  This means that our K-5 students in our Mod/Severe SDC classes will return first (expected date: Feb 8th *subject to change based on dashboard readiness & safety measures).  Our Kinder & 1st grade students would be the next priority group to return (expected date: TBD). 

  • Here is a link to a message from Dr. Matthews about plans for reopening (this was sent as an email on Wed 11/18). 

  • Dr. Matthews presented this update on reopening plans to the Board on 11/17

  • Click here for the BOE Return to school safely resolution

  • Readiness Dashboard 


Thank you again, for your unwavering support, compassion and your flexibility.  We are so grateful to be a part of this amazing community.  Sending you all warm wishes this Thanksgiving break! 

With big hugs & love,

Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page 

~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ 

FSK 各家庭和员工,早上好! 


在11月30日星期一再次“看到”您参加 Zoom课程之前,我们有几条公告。



COVID-19正在迅速传播,这是一年中很多人出差或接待外地游客的时候。 SF公共卫生部发布了旅行咨询。不推荐不必要的旅行。在湾区外旅行将增加您感染导致COVID-19的病毒并在返回后将其传播给他人的机会。当接待前往海湾地区的人们,特别是来自COVID-19广泛的其他地区的人们,并与他们互动时,还应采取其他预防措施。许多COVID-19的人没有症状。引起COVID-19的病毒也可以在空中传播超过6英尺。该病毒收集在室内和封闭空间中,包括飞机,公共汽车,火车,公共交通或其他共享车辆中。





  • FSK(Francis Scott Key)是混合学习重新开放过程(第2A阶段)第2波的一部分。这意味着我们Mod / Severe SDC班上的K-5学生将首先返回(预计日期:2月8日*根据仪表板的就绪和安全措施可能会有所变化)。我们的Kinder和1年级学生将是下一个优先返回的群体(预计日期:待定)。

  • 这是Matthews博士关于重新开放计划的消息的链接此消息以电子邮件的形式在11月18日星期三发送)。

  • Matthews博士于11/17向董事会提交了有关重新开放计划的最新信息

  • 单击此处获得教委安全返校解决方案

  • 准备仪表板







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