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Principals’ Morning Message ~ October 26th

Happy Week 11 and Happy Halloween Week!  Halloween is just around the corner and even though we will not be able to celebrate together like we have done in the past, we are encouraging you to continue using your imagination and create your very own spooky Halloween experience.  We have amazing parents ~ Nicole Selçuk and Shari O’Neill ~ who have worked hard at creating some Halloween activities to get you in the holiday spirit! Your teachers have uploaded the activities in SeeSaw or Google classroom, so make sure you don’t miss out.  Click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page.

Move-A-Thon Update
Thank you again to all the families who participated in the Move-A-Thon! Your participation was the heart and soul of this event. While the Move-A-Thon was our major Fall Fundraising event, it was also our time to come together as a community to move and have fun. On both fronts, we were incredibly successful, so THANK YOU for that!!

Thank you to all our Movement Leaders who generously donated their time and expertise leading our students in fun classes: Sergio, Nalima & Shiyah, Toni & Tina, Mark, Georgio & Myles, Moneeka, Dilan, & Sahana, Charity Kahn, Jesse, Jennifer, James, Evelyn, & Maddie Sam, and Piper & Monique.  Extra special thanks to Mr. Speidel for helping kick-off and championing this event!!

Thank you to our sponsor Jennifer Rosdail Real Estate Team, and all the businesses who supported our Move-A-Thon by leading Movement Sessions and donating prizes:

AND, AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to our hard working, enthusiastic FSK Teachers and Staff for your videos promoting the Move-A-Thon, sharing slides and information through your classes, and helping collect and count the completed Movement Trackers from all of the students so that we could track prizes and rewards–your help and support was so, so amazing to have – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Other Updates

Thank you for your vote to select our SSC members – please congratulate Mrs. Leong, community member, Jason Dare, parent, and Long Tran, parent, ELAC/DELAC representative as your official elected SSC member for 2020-2021!

Our School Renaming Committee had its first meeting last Friday. We will keep you posted with opportunities for community conversations and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to any of the members of this committee:

  • Teachers & Admin:  Ms. Quinn (committee chair), Mr. Reber and Mr. Taylor, Ms. Page and Ms. Kasner
  • Parents:  Chanel Blackwell (co-chair), Monique Pflager,  Shae Robinson, Jae Park, and Michelle Vidal

Some reminders for this week

As we approach the month of November, we have some important dates for you to keep in mind:

  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd! Parents and guardians – we strongly encourage you to exercise your right to vote.  FSK’s school site is a polling place, so you may stop by on Tuesday 11/3 to cast your vote. Make your voices heard!
  • Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11th. There will be NO SCHOOL as we commemorate all those who have served and continue to serve.
  • Parent-Teacher Conference Week will be from Monday, November 16th to Friday, November 20th. More information to come!
  • Thanksgiving break will be from Monday November 23rd to Friday November 27th. Classes will resume Monday, November 30th.
  • Please check out these troubleshooting guides to help you with your distance learning tech-related issues. The list of resources address issues around Zoom, microphone sensitivity, hotspots, and Chromebooks.
  • Attention 5th grade families!  Please check out this info for the Virtual Enrollment Fair from 11/6-11/13.  Due to our current circumstances and Distance Learning, all Middle School applications will happen online.  Be sure to apply by February 5, 2021.
  • Please continue to visit our virtual office.  If your child would like to “Ask your principals a question”, they can click on the link and type in the question on the slide. Please remember to leave your name and classroom number.

Wishing everyone an engaging and exciting week of learning! Stay safe and stay kind.

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page




首先,再次感谢所有参加Move-A-Thon的家庭!您的参与是此活动的灵魂。尽管“ Moth-A-Thon”是我们的重大秋季筹款活动,但同时我们也是时候作为一个社区聚集在一起,以移动并获得乐趣。在这两个方面,我们都取得了令人难以置信的成功,所以谢谢您!!

感谢所有运动领导者的慷慨捐助,他们带领他们的时间和专业知识带领我们的学生参加了有趣的课程:Sergio, Nalima & Shiyah, Toni & Tina, Mark, Georgio & Myles, Moneeka, Dilan, & Sahana, Charity Kahn, Jesse, Jennifer, James, Evelyn, & Maddie Sam, and Piper & Monique. 特别感谢Speidel先生为开赛和支持这项活动所致!

感谢我们的赞助商詹妮弗·罗斯达(Jennifer Rosdail)房地产团队以及所有通过领导运动会议并捐赠奖品支持我们的Move-A-Thon的企业:


感谢您投票选出我们的SSC成员 – 请祝贺Mrs. Leong,社区成员,家长Jason Dare,和Long Tran,ELAC ​​/DELAC代表作为2020至2021年的正式当选SSC成员。


  • 教师与校长:Ms. Quinn (committee chair), Mr. Reber and Mr. Taylor, Ms. Page and Ms. Kasner
  • 家长:Chanel Blackwell (co-chair), Monique Pflager, Leshae Robinson, Jae Park, Michelle Vidal



  • 选举日是11月3日,星期二!父母和监护人-我们强烈建议您行使投票权!弗朗西斯·斯科特·基(Francis Scott Key)是投票站,因此您可以在星期二前投票。发出您的声音!
  • 退伍军人节是11月11日,星期三。我们将纪念所有曾经服务并继续服务的人们,因此将没有学校。
  • 家长教师会议周将从11月16日星期一至11月20日星期五。更多信息来了!
  • 感恩节休息时间为11月23日星期一至11月27日星期五。课程将于11月30日星期一恢复。
  • 请查看这些故障排除指南,以帮助您解决与远程学习技术相关的问题。资源列表解决了有关缩放,麦克风灵敏度,热点和Chromebook的问题。
  • 五年级的家庭注意!请查看此随附的传单,参加11/7的“虚拟入学博览会”!由于我们目前的情况和远程学习,所有中学申请都将在线进行!请务必在2月5日之前申请。
  • 请继续访问我们的虚拟办公室!如果您的孩子想“向校长提问”,他们可以单击链接并在幻灯片上键入问题。请记住留下您的姓名和教室编号!







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