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Principals’ Morning Message ~ October 19th

Happy Week 10 everyone!  Hope you had a nice weekend. We want to give a huge shout out and THANK YOU to all of you who participated in our very first FSK Move-A-Thon! We hope you enjoyed moving with Mr. Speidel, exercising with your families, and participating in Zoom classes.  And, a very special shout out to our Move-A-Thon co-chairs, sponsors, donors, volunteers and exercise teachers! Thank you for supporting our school and students!

Please remember to turn in your Activity Tracker in SeeSaw and all Pledge Donations by midnight, Tuesday October 20th. Your donations can be submitted online at  and don’t forget to add your child’s name, teacher and grade/room number in the “notes” section – prizes will be awarded to all students who do both tasks on time!  Finally, in celebration of all your hard work, we will be having a Move-A-Thon Spirit Week this week:

Monday 10/19:  DJ Dance Party – Move & Groove, 5:00-6:00pm

Tuesday 10/20:   Sporty Day (wear your favorite sport or sports team gear!)

Wednesday 10/21:   Crazy Hair/Hat Day

Thursday 10/22:   FSK Spirit Day (Wear school logo wear!  Or, blue & yellow colors.)

Friday 10/23:   Pajama Day

Click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page.

Some reminders for this week:

1. Our new School Site Council will meet this Thursday 10/22 from 2:00-3:00pm. Thank you to those who are volunteering their time to be a part of this committee and to those who voted for our new council members!

2. School Renaming Committee:  We are very excited to announce the members of our School Renaming Committee: Monique Pflager, Leshae Robinson, Chanel Blackwell, Jae Park, Michelle Vidal, Joel Reber, Bonnie Quinn, Taylor White, and members from PTA Executive Board and SSC. The committee will start to meet and design community involvement activities, collect feedback, and suggestions in the coming weeks. As we identified at the beginning of the year, our school-name-change will be an inclusive process and an educational opportunity for our community members, especially for our students. I encourage all of you to be an active participant on this journey. Together, we will learn and be sure to make this a meaningful experience for our community.

3. Please check out these troubleshooting guides to help you with your distance learning tech-related issues. The list of resources address issues around Zoom, microphone sensitivity, hotspots, and Chromebooks.

4. SFUSD is still airing daily new episodes of our educational television show, SF Loves Learning.  Be sure to check them out!  Tune in to this Tuesday’s episode (10/20) to see our school highlighted!

5. Attention 5th grade families! Please check out this attached flyer for the Virtual Enrollment Fair on 11/7! Due to our current circumstances and Distance Learning, all Middle School applications will happen online! Be sure to apply by February 5th, 2021.

6. Please continue to visit our virtual office! If your child would like to “Ask your principals a question”, they can click on the link and type in the question on the slide. Please remember to leave your name and classroom number!

Wishing everyone an engaging and exciting week of learning! Stay safe and stay kind.

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page



祝大家开心周10!希望你周末愉快。我们要大声赞扬,并感谢所有参加我们第一个FSK Move-A-Thon的人!我们希望您喜欢与Speidel先生一起运动,与家人一起锻炼并参加Zoom课程!并向我们​​的Move-A-Thon联合主席,赞助商,捐赠者,志愿者和运动老师致以特别的呐喊!感谢您对我们学校和学生的支持!

请记得在10月20日午夜之前上递交您的运动记录表和所有捐款。您可以通过 在线提交捐款,并且不要忘记在“注释”部分中添加孩子的姓名,老师和教室号-将会有奖品!最后,为了庆祝您的辛勤工作,本周我们将举办“运动精神之旅”:








1. 我们的新校务委员会将于本周四10/22从2:00-3:00开会。感谢那些自愿花时间参加该委员会的人,以及那些为我们的新理事会成员投票的人!

2. 学校更名委员会:我们很高兴宣布我们的学校更名委员会成员:Monique Pflager, Leshae Robinson, Chanel Blackwell, Jae Park, Michelle Vidal, Joel Reber, Bonnie Quinn, Taylor White, 以及PTA执行委员会和SSC的成员。该委员会将在未来几周内开始开会并设计社区参与活动,收集反馈和建议。正如我们在年初确定的那样,我们的学校名称更改将是一个包容性过程,对于我们的社区成员,尤其是对我们的学生,是一个教育机会。我鼓励大家积极参与这一旅程。我们将共同学习并确保使之成为对我们社区有意义的体验。

3. 请查看这些故障排除指南,以帮助您解决与远程学习技术相关的问题。资源列表解决了有关缩放,麦克风灵敏度,热点和Chromebook的问题。

4. SFUSD仍在播出我们的教育电视节目SF Loves Learning的每日新节目!请一定拜访一下!收看本周二的剧集(10/20),看看我们学校的亮点!

5. 请注意五年级的家庭!请查看此随附的传单参加11/7的“虚拟入学博览会”!由于我们目前的情况和远程学习,所有中学申请都将在线进行!请务必在2月5日之前申请。

6. 请继续访问我们的虚拟办公室!如果您的孩子想“向校长提问”,他们可以单击链接并在幻灯片上键入问题。请记住留下您的姓名和教室编号!






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