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Principals’ Morning Message ~ March 1st

Happy Week 26!  Welcome back!

March is an exciting month. We hope you will find time and space to enjoy the many celebrations and reflect on our accomplishments. A year ago, at this time, none of us had envisioned what a year ahead would look like. This March marked one year of unprecedented experience for all of us. The FSK community has shown incredible resilience and compassion: our students prove their tremendous ability to learn in a virtual environment; our staff take on this courageous journey and bring quality learning to their students; and our families, the invaluable partners, hold remarkable strength and community value.  We’re humbled as your leaders and grateful for your generosity and trust! THANK YOU!

As we plan forward, the School Site Council has started reviewing school data and collecting input and feedback from all stakeholders. We will be sending you a community survey for your help to identify priorities for next school year. Your voice matters!  Here is a message from SSC regarding after school care.  The School Site Council has started working on developing our school plan for 2021-2022. We will send a community survey out to you in a few days; please take a few minutes to answer the questions.  Your feedback and input are very important to help guide our planning for the coming school year. Thanks!

Click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

Upcoming events:

Our I.D.E.A.S. Gallery features “Women’s History Month” to honor and celebrate women who have made differences and significant contributions in our history.

Read Across America week: 3/1 – 3/5.  We will do a week-long celebration of reading. Please join us and read with parents/guardians, siblings and friends.  Enjoy reading!

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  3/8 – 3/12

3rd Wellness Check:  Our teachers will reach out to you for the 3rd Wellness check. Please let us know how your student and family are doing. If you have any specific needs, please let your teacher know. We wish you all safe and well!

FSKAPE – our annual Online Auction is 3/13- 3/19.  Many families have been dropping off donation items to the office and to our Auction Chairs, which we appreciate.  Thank you for your support!

Return Safely Together Updates

WAVE 2 schools – SFUSD is starting to get grade 3-5 classrooms ready in the next few weeks. We will work on room space redesign and furniture re-arrangement so that each room can accommodate 14 students and 2 adults under guidance of Department of Public Health.

Family survey for returning in-person learning is still open. If you need to update your response, please submit a new survey using the unique survey link sent to you back in December. If you need to retrieve your survey link, please contact Ms. Betty: Your new response will replace your old response. We have not received the survey for grade 3 – 5 students. Once it’s available, you may fill it out and let us know your options. Thanks.

FSK Reopening Updates:

We will be preparing the 3rd to 5th grade classrooms starting this week. Please click here to see progress.

SFUSD In-Person Phase 2A Registration Survey Results.   Please let Ms. Betty ( know if you need help with the link to your survey. For grade 3-5 students, SFUSD has NOT opened a survey yet. We will share the info as soon as we receive it.

Message from PTA:

FSK PTA Online Auction & Virtual Events, March 13-19

Our Online Auction is coming up soon! Please check out our websites for updates: ;; and, You may also contact our Chairs, Tina & Katie, at

We are looking for a few more VOLUNTEERS to lead FUN ACTIVITY SESSIONS from March 14-19th, afternoons from 2-6pm; email the Auction Chairs by March 8th! Please let us know if you can help right away by email. We are open to fitness, wellness, gardening, music, crafting, cooking, or any other ideas you may have. Email us today!  We appreciate our wonderful FSK Community…let’s do this together!

Family Resources:

$500 Stimulus for SF Lower-Wage Workers and Families
The City of San Francisco announced up to $500 in new financial support through tax credits and cash stimulus for households eligible for the San Francisco Working Families Credit. Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Looking for Science based lessons, songs, movement pieces, read-alouds?  Check out our first SF Loves Learning Teacher Resources Deck, Learning and Growing: The Needs of Plants and Animals.

COVID-19 Vaccination Site for Those Over 65
For COVID-19 Vaccine updates and notification, please click on this link. ( Chinese, Spanish, Filipino) . Check the date and time at the location for you. Please bring an ID with your proof of age and residency, i.e. utility bill or driver’s license.

School Meal Updates

Ensure your children are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. If you haven’t already, update your household income information online by submitting the Multipurpose Family Income Form. Ensure your mailing address is correct. Check which address you have on file or update it by completing the Emergency Card form online in ParentVUE. The State of California will mail cards directly to families March through June. Families do not need to apply. Benefits have recently been increased by 15% and will include any August and September funds not received. Like school meals, P-EBT is available regardless of citizenship status and is not considered a “public charge.”

Note: All students enrolled in Community Eligibility Provision schools, receiving CalFresh or CalWORKs, or who are homeless, migrant, or foster, are automatically eligible and do not need to submit the Multipurpose Family Income Form. Please ensure your mailing address is correct!

Have a wonderful week! Sending hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page



三月是令人兴奋的月份。我们希望您能找到时间和空间享受各种庆祝活动并反思我们的成就。一年前的这个时候,我们还没有人预见到未来一年会是什么样。今年三月标志着我们所有人经历了前所未有的一年的经历。 FSK社区显示出令人难以置信的韧性和同情心:我们的学生证明了他们在虚拟环境中学习的巨大能力;我们的员工将勇往直前,为学生带来优质的学习机会;我们的家人(宝贵的伙伴)拥有非凡的力量和社区价值。我很荣幸成为您的领导者,并感谢您的慷慨和信任!谢谢你!





家长/老师会议:3/8 -3/12。



FSKAPE-我们的年度在线拍卖会从3 / 13- 3/19开始。许多家庭一直在把捐赠物品送到办公室。感谢您的支持!


WAVE 2学校-SFUSD在接下来的几周内将开始准备3-5年级的教室。我们将进行房间空间的重新设计和家具的重新安排,以使每个房间可在公共卫生部的指导下容纳14名学生和2名成人。

返回亲身学习的家庭调查仍在进行中。如果您需要更新回复,请使用12月份发送给您的独特调查链接提交新调查。如果您需要检索调查链接,请与Betty女士联系 。您的新回复将替换您的旧回复。我们尚未收到针对3-5年级学生的调查。可用后,您可以填写并告诉我们您的选择。谢谢。





FSK PTA在线拍卖和虚拟活动,3月13日至19日




SF低薪工人及其家庭的$ 500激励措施

旧金山市宣布通过税收抵免和现金刺激计划,为有资格获得旧金山工作家庭抵免的家庭提供高达$ 500的新财务支持。了解有关资格要求以及如何申请的更多信息。

寻找基于科学的课程,歌曲,动作片段,大声朗读??看看我们的第一个SF Loves Learning教师资源平台,学习与成长:动植物的需求


有关COVID-19疫苗的更新和通知,请单击此链接。 (中文,西班牙文,菲律宾文).  在您的社区检查日期和时间。请带上您的年龄和居住证明的ID,即水电费账单或驾驶执照。








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