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Principals’ Morning Message ~ January 25th

Happy Week 21!

Thank you for all the amazing, hard work from our students as they continue learning remotely. We are grateful to our educators, staff, and families for working together to keep up our distance learning goals for our students ~ thank you all!

As we continue to celebrate and embrace the diversity of our school community, we want to take every opportunity for our students to connect with their families, family histories and traditions. Especially now, as we have made Herstory in the United States with our first female, Black-Indian Vice President. During distance learning, we will keep our end of the month tradition but with some changes. This year, we will celebrate multiple cultures and heritages in our FSK Community with a fun Virtual International Dance Party on Friday, Feb 5th, late afternoon (instead of a Passport day and International night potluck).  Details coming soon from our FSK PTA.

→ In case there is a power outage during our Distance Learning time this week, please check back once the power is restored and be aware that your teachers may experience the same outage problem.

Please click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Maffei. Enjoy!


Thank you to the parents who came to the PTA meeting last week to hear about School Reopening Updates! Your questions are very much appreciated! If you miss the meeting, there will be more information sessions at a later date. I will keep you posted with Monday Messages.

Reminders for this week and Upcoming Events:

1. The SFUSD School application deadline is coming up on Friday, February 5th, 2021. Please make sure to apply before this deadline, 5th Grade and prospective families. You may apply online at or go directly to your ParentVue app to apply.

2.  Lunar New Year Celebration, Year of the Ox, starting February 12th, 2021. Many of our FSK community are getting ready for the Lunar New Year. This year, celebrations will be Virtual to continue to keep everyone safe and healthy during the Covid19 Pandemic. Some resources for family programs online include, but are not limited to:

— SF Public Library, Chef Martin Yan Cooking Session

— Asian Art Museum, Calendar

January 28th, Storytelling

February 4, Poetry & Calligraphy

— SF Symphony,

— SF Chinatown YMCA’s CNY 5K/10K Run, Virtual Event

2. We have our very fun FSK PTA Online Auction & Virtual Events coming up March 13 – 19! We would love Sponsors and Donations to make this a successful event for our school; please email our Auction Chairs, Katie & Tina, today at You may find the flyers and other Auction info at our webpage:

3. Resources for having conversations with your child/children on current events

4.  Grab & Go Meals are still available for SFUSD students and their siblings.  View locations and more information at, along with the January schedule.

5.  Visit the SFUSD technology resources page at for links to instructional videos, recorded webinars, and information on SFUSD technology tools and platforms during distance learning. If your child is getting disconnected from Zoom, it may be your Internet connection. Check out the Chromebook Troubleshooting and Hotspot Troubleshooting guides. Still need support? Submit a request for help!

Wishing you all a great week!

Sending you all big hugs and love, 

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Maffei



随着我们继续庆祝和拥抱我们学校社区的多样性,我们希望抓住一切机会让我们的学生与家人,家庭历史和传统保持联系。尤其是现在,我们与第一位女性黑人印第安人副总统一起在美国建立了Herstory。在远程学习期间,我们将保留本月末的传统,但会有所更改。今年,我们将在2月5日(星期五)傍晚举行有趣的虚拟国际舞蹈派对,而不是护照当天和国际夜间狂欢,在FSK社区中庆祝多种文化和传统。我们的FSK PTA即将提供详细信息。 →如果在我们的远程学习期间停电,请在恢复供电后再检查一次,并注意您的老师可能会遇到同样的停电问题。





1. SFUSD学校的申请截止日期为2021年2月5日星期五,请确保在该截止日期之前,五年级和准家庭申请。您可以在在线申请,也可以直接转到ParentVue应用程序进行申请。






-SF Symphony,


2. 我们将在3月13日至19日举办非常有趣的FSK PTA在线拍卖和虚拟活动!我们希望赞助商和捐赠能够使我们的学校成功举办这项活动;请给我们的拍卖主席Katie&Tina发送电子邮件,地址为。您可以在我们的网页上找到传单和其他拍卖信息:

3. 与您的孩子就时事进行对话的资源

4. SFUSD学生及其兄弟姐妹仍可使用Grab&Go Meals。在中查看位置和更多信息。下载Grab & Go Calendar日历。

5.  请访问 上的SFUSD技术资源页面,以获取指向教学视频,录制的网络研讨会以及远程学习期间SFUSD技术工具和平台的信息的链接.




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