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Principals’ Morning Message ~ January 19th

Happy Week 20!  Hope you enjoyed a relaxed weekend and the warm weather.

We have several new students joining us during the least two weeks ~ we want to send a big WELCOME to all of you!  Welcome to our school community!   Hope you are able to settle in your new classes and get to meet your new teacher and classmates.   Please reach out if you have any questions.

As we continue to celebrate the legacy and contribution of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we would like to share a video from a young man, Cole Provost, presenting his original composition from the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Festival in Oakland.  His words and his dream are inspirational.  What can you do to make this world a better place?  Dr. King said: “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”

Under the leadership of the School Name Change Committee , we have submitted the names to the district for review.  Here is the message from the co-chairs of the committee and a beautifully written story from Chanel:

On December 18th, 2020 after surveying the students and the entire Key community, the School Name Change Committee submitted these names to the School Board for review:

  1. Oceanside
  2. Ocean Beach
  3. Golden Gate
  4. Pegasus
  5. Snowy Plover

When we have any updates, we will be sure to keep you informed.  For now, please read this essay by School Name Change Committee Co-Chair and Key Parent, Chanel Blackwell, which highlights the importance of this work:  Chanel’s Story – WOKE.   Thank you SNCC for facilitating the conversations and leading the process for our school name change!

There are many great things happening at our school.  This Thursday 1/21 at our 6:00pm Virtual  PTA Meeting, we will share the updates of school reopening, family survey results, and students learning data from Fall 2020.  Please RSVP at our website and join us at 6:00 pm (Zoom link was shared by email). 

Please click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Maffei.


Shout out to FSK students for coming to your virtual classes each day, learning new knowledge and skills with your classmates, and showing your creativity through your academic work and compassion during community circles!!!

Shout out to all parents for your trust and partnership, and your unconditional support and guidance to our students to maximize their positive experience in distance learning!!!

Reminders for this week:

  1. PTA Meeting: Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 6:00 – 7:30 pm  (Virtual; Zoom link shared by email).  Please join us to hear important updates and information on school reopening and learning data from Fall 2020.

2.  Resources for having conversations with your child/children on current events.

3.  Grab & Go Meals are still available for SFUSD students and their siblings. View locations and more information at, including January schedule.

4.  Visit the SFUSD technology resources page at for links to instructional videos, recorded webinars, and information on SFUSD technology tools and platforms during distance learning.  If your child is getting disconnected from Zoom, it may be your Internet connection. Check out the Chromebook Troubleshooting and Hotspot Troubleshooting guides. Still need support? Submit a request for help!

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Maffei




在我们继续庆祝小马丁·路德·金博士的遗产和贡献的同时,我想分享一个年轻人的视频,科尔·普罗沃斯特(Cole Provost)展示了他的年度马丁·路德·金博士年度演讲节的原创作品。在奥克兰。他的话和梦想都是鼓舞人心的。您可以采取什么措施使这个世界变得更美好?金博士说:“每个人都有力量去做伟大,而不是为了名望,而是为了伟大,因为伟大是由服务决定的。”



  1. Oceanside
  2. Ocean Beach
  3. Golden Gate
  4. Pegasus
  5. Snowy Plover

当我们有任何更新时,我们一定会及时通知您。目前,请阅读学校名称变更委员会联席主席和主要父母香奈儿·布莱克威尔(Chanel Blackwell)撰写的这篇文章,其中强调了这项工作的重要性-频道的故事-WOKE感谢SNCC促进了对话并领导了我们学校名称变更的过程!







1. PTA会议:2021年1月21日,星期四,下午6:00-下午7:30。请加入我们,以了解有关2020年秋季开学和学习数据的最新信息。

2. 与您的孩子就时事进行对话的资源.

3.  SFUSD学生及其兄弟姐妹仍可使用Grab&Go Meals。在中查看位置和更多信息。下载Grab & Go Calendar日历。

4. 请访问 上的SFUSD技术资源页面,以获取指向教学视频,录制的网络研讨会以及远程学习期间SFUSD技术工具和平台的信息的链接.



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