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Principal’s Monday Morning Message ~ September 21st

Good morning FSK students, families and staff,

Happy Week 6 of Distance Learning!  Shanah Tovah Umetukah!

We hope you have been able to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine this weekend! We have a couple more questions from our students who visited our virtual office this week so please check out a short video from Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page (below) and hear directly from your principals!

For this week, there are a few important things we want to inform our families.

1.  The time has come for us to fill some vacant seats on our School Site Council! If you are interested in joining us, please use this self-nomination form to provide your name and a bit of information about yourself.  Our School Site Council is composed of elected members representing parents, students, community members, and school staff in school governance.  Please submit your self-nomination form by September 30, 2020. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mimi Kasner, Principal, at, or Catherine Reid, SSC Chair, at The SSC has a number of important responsibilities including:

  • Reviewing and analyzing student achievement data
  • Gathering community input and feedback
  • Assisting the Principal in developing the School Plan for Students Achievement (SPSA) & the school site budget
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan and the budget

2.  We are also quickly moving forward with creating a group for the School Name Change Committee. In collaboration with the PTA Board, our School Site Council has created a guiding document and recommendations for the committee so please take a look at the guidelines here and if you are interested in joining this committee, please read this Memo and sign up using this Google form!  Teachers and staff, if you are interested in joining this committee, please sign up here as well.

3. In the past, at the beginning of each school year, we sent home several forms for families to fill out. This year, SFUSD has created the digital format for families to input their info using ParentVue. We ask you to update the following records from ParentVue:
a.  Emergency Card with health information, emergency contacts, and update phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address
b.  Upload health forms and immunization records (new families to FSK)
Here are the two links will help you navigate through ParentVue to complete school forms and upload immunization records that we need to obtain:
— Also, students and families can contact the Family Resource Link/ Line for assistance at or (415) 340-1716  (M-F, 9am-1:00pm). More information and resources available on the website.

4. English Language Advisory Committee: for our English Language Learning students and families, we will have first ELAC meeting this coming Friday, 9/25 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We will share resources and technology tips on Distance learning, as well as exchange experiences and build community. Please join us using this link.

Some more announcements for this week:

Our FSK literacy specialist, Missy Keadle will be offering our last Literacy workshop for families! While we are planning, we would like to hear more about what needs you have with helping your child with writing at home. Please fill out this short survey if you have any ideas or questions! You may also view our FSK Literacy website here. This last session will focus on writing for families of 3rd – 5th grade. There is no need to sign up! We hope to see you there! Please see the schedule below:
Thursday 9/24 from 5:00-6:00pm // 3-5 Writing workshop // password : Literacy

Tech Message and Tech Tips:

  • Device exchange:  If you have any problems with your Chromebook or personal device for learning, please let Ms. Wong know by Tuesday Sept 22nd to exchange or receive a Chromebook. We have very limited quantities left. The last opportunity to pick up the device will be this Wednesday, 9/23 from 10 am – 2 pm.
  • Shutdown and restart when you have trouble with your Chromebook to get rid of glitches. For your Chromebook to work it’s best, please shut it down at least two – three times a week and restart.
  • If you are having microphone issues, please check the microphone volume output by clicking the little speaker in the bottom left corner of your Chromebook. You can lower the microphone volume by sliding the circle to the left.

Please continue to visit our virtual office! If your child would like to “Ask your principals a question”, they can click on the link and type in the question on the slide. Please remember to leave your name and classroom number!  We wish you all a wonderful week 6!

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page



远程学习快乐第六周!Shanah Tovah Umetukah! 犹太新年快乐!



1.  现在是我们选举填补学校理事会的一些空缺位置!如果您有兴趣加入我们,请使用此自我提名表格提供您的姓名和有关您的一些信息。我们的学校校园理事会由当选的成员组成,代表家长,学生,社区成员和学校管理中的学校工作人员。请在2020年9月30日之前提交您的自我提名表。如果有任何疑问,请随时通过kasnery@sfusd.edu与Mimi Kasner校长联系,或通过cagallagher1@gmail.com与SSC主席Catherine Reid联系。 SSC承担许多重要职责,包括:

  • 审查和分析学生成绩数据
  • 收集社区的意见和反馈
  • 协助校长制定学生成就学校计划(SPSA)和学校场地预算
  • 监督计划和预算的执行

2. 我们也正在迅速建立学校校名变更委员会的小组。我们的学校理事会与PTA理事会合作,为委员会创建了指导文件和建议,请在此处查看指南。如果您有兴趣加入该委员会,请阅读此备忘录并使用此Google表格注册!老师和教职员工,如果您有兴趣加入该委员会,也请在这里注册。

3.  过去,每个学年开始时,我们都会寄回一些表格供家庭填写。今年,SFUSD创建了一种数字格式,供家庭使用ParentVue输入信息。我们要求您从ParentVue更新以下记录:

4.  英语语言咨询委员会:对于我们英语学习的学生和家庭,我们将在下周五的9/25下午7:00至8:30举行第一次ELAC会议。我们将分享有关远程学习的资源和技术提示,以及交流经验和建立社区。请使用此链接加入我们。


我们的FSK扫盲专家Missy Keadle将为我们的家庭提供最后一次扫盲研讨会!在计划时,我们想听听更多有关帮助孩子在家写作的需求。如果您有任何想法或问题,请填写此简短调查!您也可以在这里查看我们的FSK扫盲网站。上一期课程的重点是为3至5年级的家庭写作。无需注册!我们希望看到你在那里!请参阅以下时间表:

9/24星期四 5:00-6:00pm // 3-5写作研讨会 //密码:literacy















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