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Principal’s Monday Morning Message ~ September 14th

Happy Week 5 and Happy Grandparents’ Day!  We hope many of you were able to spend some time with your grandparents or grand-friends to celebrate them throughout the week!

Many of you may have been watching the news and hearing comments from Mayor London Breed regarding schools opening in September. SFUSD has yet to communicate any information with us about this and therefore, we are planning to continue with Distance Learning as is. We realize this may cause confusion and we will be sure to communicate any and all information with our families as it is made aware to us. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

As a school community, we celebrate Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Social Justice. The month of September is Latinx Heritage Month and we want to bring our Virtual I.D.E.A.S Gallery to you. Please scroll through this slide deck to see about our featured leaders and check out a short video from Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page.

Some announcements for this week:

1.  Thank you for your patience and commitment as many of you stopped by school these last couple weeks to pick up materials and technology for your child. As of now, our school building is closed and when we are able to open the school building again, we will let you know. If you have an emergency, please contact Ms. Kasner or Ms. Page.

2.  Our FSK literacy specialist, Missy Keadle will be offering two more family Literacy workshops during September! While we are planning, we would like to hear more about what needs you have with helping your child with writing at home. Please fill out this short survey if you have any ideas or questions! You may also view our FSK Literacy website here. The last two sessions will focus on writing. There is no need to sign up! We hope to see you there! Please see the schedule below:

3.  Please continue to visit our virtual office! If your child would like to “Ask your principals a question”, they can click on the link and type in the question on the slide. Please remember to leave your name and classroom number!

We hope you have another fantastic week! Remember to stay safe and stay kind!

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page


你们中的许多人可能一直在看新闻,并听过市长关于9月学校开业的评论。 SFUSD尚未就此与我们交流任何信息,因此,我们按计划继续进行远程学习。我们意识到这可能会引起疑问,我们会确保随时告知你们所有新信息。感谢您的理解和耐心。

作为一个学校社区,我们庆祝,包容,多元化,平等,倡导和社会正义。 9月是拉丁文传承月,我们希望为您带来我们的虚拟I.D.E.A.S画廊。请浏览幻灯片,以了解我们的这些出色领导者,并观看Kasner校长和Page女士的简短视频


1. 感谢您的耐心和投入。最近几个星期你们中的许多人都到学校来领取我们为孩子们准备了材料和技术。截至目前,我们的教学楼已关闭,当我们能够再次返入教学楼时,我们将通知您。如果遇到紧急情况,请联系Kasner校长或Page副校长。

2.  我们的FSK阅读老师Missy Keadle将于9月再提供两次家庭扫盲研讨会!在计划时,我们想听听更多有关帮助孩子在家写作的需求。如果您有任何想法或问题,请填写此简短调查!您也可以在这里查看我们的FSK阅读信息网站。最后两节将重点讨论写作。无需注册!我们希望看到你在那里!请参阅以下时间表:

3. 请继续访问我们的虚拟办公室!如果您的孩子想“向校长提问”,他们可以单击链接并在幻灯片上键入问题。请记住留下您的姓名和教室编号!












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