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Principals’ Monday Morning Message ~ August 24th

Good morning FSK students, families and staff!

Wow!  We made it through week 1!  We are so impressed by our students and your independence and bravery!  It has been a wonderful welcome back to school and even though we weren’t able to welcome you in person with open arms, we feel the energy and excitement from all of you! Please check out the short video below from Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page and learn how to visit us in our virtual office!

Some reminders for this week:

We want to thank our volunteers and parents for coming by school last week to pick up school supplies for your children!  As of now, we do not have another date set for picking up supplies, but we will communicate with you all in the next couple of weeks when we have more information.

Please visit Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page at their  Virtual Office!  You have access to various resources and our office hours link to ask us any questions you may have. Also, please encourage your kids to post questions to get to know us and we will answer their questions during our Monday Morning Messages!

As many of you may have heard, we are working on forming a School Name Change Committee. This committee will work closely with our community and District on creating a process for renaming our school. For now, we remain a proud community of FSK and wanted to say thank you to everyone who continues to support us and our school! We know change is not easy and we also recognize our mission as a school to continue fighting for true equality and being part of an institution that upholds justice for ALL our community members. If you are interested in joining this process, please reach out to our PTA President, Kai Guiland, at Meanwhile, School Site Council members will draft the guidelines for the Committee.

We will not be hosting our Zoom Tech Support this week, but if you need support with technology, please visit this Family Tech Resource Page!  You can find video tutorials to walk you through using various programs. You may also schedule a 1:1 meeting with a District employee to walk you through various topics. These are available in many different languages!

The District is offering “Grab and Go Meals” for all SFUSD students. Free Grab and Go Meals are available for students who qualify.  Please visit the website for more information. The closest site to FSK to pick up your Grab and Go Meals is AP Giannini Middle School.

Finally, we want to acknowledge all that is happening in our beautiful state of California. This has already been a difficult year and now many of our families may be struggling with the current fires.  We send you all our strength and love and hope for a quick recovery.  Please remember to stay safe; wear your mask and stay indoors whenever possible.  Please also visit these websites to stay up to date with latest news and air quality updates:

Wishing you an exciting and enthusiastic second week of school! Keep up the great work.

Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page







你们中许多人可能已经听说过,我们正在努力建立学校名称变更委员会。该委员会将与我们的社区和学区密切合作,以创建学校更名的程序。目前,我们仍然是FSK的骄傲社区,并想对继续支持我们和我们学校的所有人表示感谢!我们知道变革并不容易,我们也认识到我们的使命是继续为真正的平等而奋斗,并成为维护我们所有社区成员正义的机构的一部分。如果您有兴趣加入此过程,请通过President@francisscottkeyschool.org与我们的PTA总裁Kai Guiland联系。同时,校委会成员将为该委员会起草指南


学区为所有SFUSD学生提供“Grab & Go Meals”。符合条件的学生可以免费获得餐食。请访问网站以获取更多信息。 AP Giannini中学是距离FSK领餐最近的站点。






Video from our Principals

Audio Message from our Principals

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