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Principal’s Monday Message ~ May 31st

Welcome to Week 38, the last week of school!  We want to send another congratulations to all our students for working so hard this year and for completing another year of elementary school. We hope you have a wonderful summer and are able to relax and rejuvenate. We look forward to seeing you in the Fall on August 16th!

We would also like to highlight our Students of the Month for the month of May. These students demonstrate Global, Local and Digital Identity by taking action related to issues impacting the community and planet; using technology and digital tools to make meaning of their experiences and interacting with cultural competence, inclusivity and anti-racism.

Please check out the Morning message from Mrs. Kasner & Ms. Page to see our students of the month.

2021-2022 school year information:

1. The District has shared some announcements regarding returning to school in the Fall. For more information and to view updated information over the summer, please visit the SFUSD Website.

  • Our School Board passed a Fall Return Resolution in April 2021 which states the District’s commitment to returning all students to in person learning by the first day of the school. With the information we have at this time, the District is expecting a return to pre-pandemic instructional minutes, classroom size and classroom configuration. However, there is hope for more detailed guidance from the CDE and state and local departments of public health.

2. The Board of Education has finalized start & end times for the 2021-2022 school year and 2021-2022 calendar. Beginning in August, our FSK school day will be from:

  • 7:50am – 2:05pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • 7:50am – 12:50 pm Wednesdays (early release day).
  • Please see more information from the District HERE.
  • Due to the complexity of school schedules, for families who have hoped for a later start time, we shared our compelling reasons for a later starting time (see recorded session from May PTA meeting). We understand the starting time is very important to families and regardless of what time, it will impact some of the families. If we have the opportunity to explore options during next school year, we hope that we will be given the opportunity to engage our community for input and to collaborate. For now, let’s try our best to work with this schedule. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!

Materials pick-up for Distance learners:

For our Distance Learner students, your teachers may have some things for you to pick up at school (class pictures, materials, etc.) Please pick them up on Thursday June 3rd from 9:00 – 11:00am. You may come to the front door of FSK and we’ll buzz you in.

Chromebooks & hot spots:

If you are staying in SFUSD, you may keep your Chromebook and hot spots throughout the summer, even if you are going to a different school within the District (eg: 5th graders going to AP Gianinni). Once we know more about what school will look like in the Fall, we will have more information about what to do with the District technology.

If you are needing to return a device, you may drop it off Wednesday June 2nd – Friday June 4th. Please remember to bring the Chromebook charger as well.  Thank you!

Springboard: For families who have registered for Springboard:

  • You will receive your student’s class assignment this week and the detailed schedule for the program
  • The Parent Workshop day has been changed from Wednesdays to Tuesdays from 9:00 – 9:30. Students report to school at 10:30 am on Tuesdays (late start day)
  • Springboard families only, please fill out the after school registration form sent to you by Ms. Bel.  If you missed it, here is the information:
    • June 9-July 16, 2021, Monday-Friday, Camp closed on July 5
    • Students must attend all 6 weeks, full-time
    • 12:30pm-5:00pm (starts right after springboard)
    • Deadline to register: May 28, 2021,  7pm
    • Registration instructions: Go to Application Website:
    • Create an Account (If you have an account, please log into your account)
    • Select “New Registration”
    • Select ‘FSK(SFUSD)’, ‘Summer 2021’

Message from PTA: Please Stay Connected to FSK over the Summer Break

Please read this LETTER from our PTA President

→ Visit our Websites: ;;

→ Read our Monthly Newsletters: will be shared by email and at

→ Join our wonderful PTA (Pre-register now for the 2021-22 school year):

→ Donate in support of our school:
Together, we raised over $122,000 towards our goal of $124,800 in our year-long FUNdraising efforts to support our students and staff ~ way to go, FSK!

On behalf of the entire PTA Executive Board, thank you all for making our FSK community stronger, closer, more supportive, and the BEST place for all our students, families and staff! Enjoy the Summer Break and see you back at FSK on August 16th.

Have a wonderful summer break! Stay safe and stay healthy.

Sending hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page


欢迎来到第38周! 学年的最后一周!我们要再次祝贺我们所有的学生,他们今年努力学习,又完成了一年的小学学业。我们希望您度过一个美好的夏天,并能够放松身心,恢复活力。我们期待在 8 月 16 日的秋季与您相见!

我们要赞扬我们五月份的优秀学生。这些学生通过采取与影响社区和世界的问题相关的行动来展示自己的全球性,地方和数字身份;使用技术和数字工具来理解他们的经历,并与文化能力、包容性和反种族主义的互动。请查看 Kasner 女士和佩奇女士的早间消息,看看我们本月的学生



学区分享了一些关于秋季返校的公告。如需更多信息和查看夏季更新信息,请访问 SFUSD 网站。

我们的学校董事会于 2021 年 4 月通过了秋季返校决议,其中阐明了学区承诺在开学第一天前让所有学生返校学习。根据我们目前掌握的信息,学区希望恢复COVID前的教学时间、教室规模和教室配置。但是,希望 CDE 以及州和地方公共卫生部门提供更详细的指导。教育委员会已经确定了 2021-2022 学年的开始和结束时间及2021-2022学年年历。从八月开始,我们的上课日将从:

周一、周二、周四和周五上午 7:50 – 下午 2:05

每周三上午 7:50 – 下午 12:50(周三提早下课)。


由于学校时间表的复杂性,对于希望推后开课时间的家庭,我们分享了令人信服的理由(请参阅 5 月 PTA 会议的录音)。我们明白开课时间对家庭来说非常重要,无论什么时候开始,都会影响到一些家庭。如果我们有机会在下一学年探索各种选择,我们争取机会让我们的社区参与并进行合作。现在,让我们尽最大努力按照这个时间表工作。如果您有任何问题,请与我们联系。谢谢!


对于我们的远程学习学生,如果您的老师有一些东西要您在学校领取(课堂图片、资料等)。请在 6 月 3 日星期四上午 9:00 – 11:00 领取。你可以来到 FSK 的前门进来。

Chromebook 和热点:

如果您住在 SFUSD,您可以在整个夏天保留您的 Chromebook 和热点,即使您要去学区内的另一所学校(例如:五年级学生去 AP Gianinni)。一旦我们更多地了解秋季学校使用学区技术的信息,我们会分享。

如果您需要退回设备,您可以在 6 月 2 日(星期三)至 6 月 4 日(星期五)期间将其退回。请记得携带 Chromebook 充电器。谢谢!


  • 您将在本周收到您学生的课堂作业以及该计划的详细时间表
  • 家长工作坊的时间从周三改为周二,从 9:00 到 9:30。学生每周二上午 10:30 到校报到
  • 请填写Bel发给您的课后班登记表。如果你错过了,这里是信息:
  • 日期 – 2021 年 6 月 9 日至 7 月 16 日,周一至周五,营地于 7 月 5 日关闭
  • 学生必须全日制参加所有 6 周
  • 营业时间 – 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM(在跳板之后开始)
  • 报名截止日期:2021 年 5 月 28 日晚上 7 点
  • 注册说明:前往申请网站:
  • 创建一个帐户(如果您有帐户,请登录您的帐户)
  • 选择“新注册”
  • 选择“FSK(SFUSD)”、“2021 年夏季”

来自 PTA 的消息:请在暑假期间与 FSK 保持联系

请阅读我们 PTA 总裁的这封信

→ 访问我们的网站: ;

→ 阅读我们的每月通讯: 将通过电子邮件和 共享

→ 加入我们精彩的 PTA (现在预注册 2021-22 学年):

→ 捐款支持我们学校:

  • 在为期一年的筹款活动中,我们共同筹集了超过 122,000 美元,以实现我们的 124,800 美元目标,以支持我们的学生和教职员工~加油,FSK!代表整个 PTA 执行委员会,感谢你们让我们的 FSK 社区更强大、更紧密、更支持,并成为我们所有学生、家庭和员工的最佳场所!享受暑假,8 月 16 日 FSK 再见。




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