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Principal’s Monday Message ~ March 8th

Happy Week 27!   Welcome to Parent-Teacher Conference Week! We hope you have been able to connect with your child’s teacher and set up a time to discuss their progress and ask any questions you may have.

* As we mark the anniversary of distance learning, we want to recognize the extreme level of strength and resilience of our community. The togetherness and the care for one another have kept us moving forward. We are humbled by the generosity and support from everyone.  Every contribution you have given to our students and families has made a huge difference. We applaud the individual and collective effort and commitment you made to help us bring positive learning experiences and learning opportunities to our students. We are grateful for the sincerity and honesty of our families and staff. At the end of each day, our students are the ones who always come first. Thank you for allowing us to learn and grow together! *

Click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Page

Upcoming events:

1. Return to In-Person Learning updates:  As many of you heard last Friday evening, the District has released a start date for Wave 1 & 2 schools. Therefore, FSK is set to begin classes for K-2 and Mod/Severe SDC students beginning April 12th. We don’t have much more information at this moment, but will be hosting a couple Community Town Hall Meetings in the weeks to come to discuss specifics and answer questions you may have.

2. K-2 Families : Please make sure to check in with your child’s teacher this week during Parent Teacher Conferences and confirm that your Return to In-Person Survey information is correct.  Please reach out to Ms. Page ( or Ms. Betty ( if you need to change your survey information. The survey will close on Friday March 12th. Families who opt to continue Distance Learning for the remainder of the year will NOT be able to return to in-person as we will be unable to accommodate more students in person. For more information regarding reopening, please see the District website.

3. 3rd – 5th Grade Families : The survey for Returning to In-Person learning should be sent to your emails on Tuesday March 9th. Please be sure to fill in your survey information before March 16th so we may plan for our 3rd – 5th grade students.

4. Community Survey: Thank you to the families who have responded to the Community Survey.  It is very important for us to hear from you.  The survey will be closed on 3/12, so please take a few minutes to fill it out so that we can plan our support and programs for next year with the considerations of your feedback and needs. 

  • Community MeetingSSC is hosting a virtual community meeting on March 18th,  6:30pm to share the results from community survey and school priorities for next school year.

5. 3rd Wellness Check:  Our teachers will reach out to you for the 3rd Wellness check. Please let us know how your student and family are doing. If you have any specific needs, please let your teacher know. We wish you all stay safe and well!

Message from PTA:

1. FSK PTA Online Auction & Virtual Events, March 13-19. Our largest event fundraiser for our school begins this weekend, March 13th! Our Online Auction is open to ALL (families, staff, friends, family, & neighbors) to bid on great items and raise much-needed funds for FSK.   We would love to raise $35,000 at our Online Auction this year to support the purchase of replacement technology hardware, student supplies for each classroom, and more air purifiers, which will be important for when FSK reopens for on-site learning and in future years. Please check out these links for updates on our Auction:

2. FSK PTA Board Member Positions Open for Fall 2021!   We are looking for new PTA Board member candidates for our VP of Fundraising, VP of Membership and VP of Outreach roles starting this July, 2021. Our previous Board members are terming out of their positions and we have a great group of volunteer parents and staff currently serving on our Board who will support new members.  Please let us know if you’d like to join our Board by March 22nd so we may announce your candidacy at our next PTA Meeting. Interested in learning more about the open positions on our Board? Please email Kai, our PTA Prez, before March 22nd: . We look forward to welcome new Board members! We appreciate our wonderful FSK Community…let’s continue to support our school and strengthen our PTA together!

Family Resources:

1. $500 Stimulus for SF Lower-Wage Workers and Families. 

2. For COVID-19 Vaccine updates and notification, please click on this link. (Chinese, Spanish, Filipino)

3. School Meal Updates – P-EBT Support:  Ensure your children are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. If you haven’t already, update your household income information online by submitting the Multipurpose Family Income Form.
Ensure your mailing address is correct. Check which address you have on file or update it by completing the Emergency Card form online in ParentVUE. The State of California will mail cards directly to families March through June. Families do not need to apply. Benefits have recently been increased by 15% and will include any August and September funds not received. Like school meals, P-EBT is available regardless of citizenship status and is not considered a “public charge.”

Note:  All students enrolled in Community Eligibility Provision schools, receiving CalFresh or CalWORKs, or who are homeless, migrant, or foster, are automatically eligible and do not need to submit the Multipurpose Family Income Form. Please ensure your mailing address is correct!

Dates to remember:
  • Spring Break :   Monday 3/29 – Friday 4/2
  • Memorial Day :   No School Monday 5/31
  • Last day of School :   Wednesday, 6/2

Have a wonderful week!  Sending hugs and love!

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Page






返回到个人学习信息更新:正如上周五晚间许多人所听到的那样,学区已宣布第一波和第二波学校的开始日期。因此,FSK将于4月12日开始为K-2和Mod / Severe SDC学生上课。目前我们还没有更多信息,但是将在接下来的几周内举办两次社区市政厅会议,以讨论具体问题并回答您可能遇到的问题。信息会发给你们。



社区调查:感谢您对社区调查做出答复的家庭。收到您的反馈和建议对我们非常重要。该调查将于3/12结束,因此请花几分钟填写,以便我们可以根据您的反馈和需求来计划明年的支持和计划。社区会议:SSC将在3/18 @ 6:30 pm举行一次社区会议,以分享社区调查的结果以及下一学年的学校优先事项。



FSK PTA在线拍卖和虚拟活动,3月13日至19日


  • FSKAPE 32Auctions在线拍卖;竞标于3月13日开始
  • 不要错过最新的FSKAPE视频:单击此处
  • FSKAPE网页
  • 社交媒体,每天分享来自我们社区的有关拍卖和所有其他活动更新的有趣视频和
  • 请随时通过Auctiongalachair@fskey.org与我们的拍卖主席Tina和Katie联系。
  • 非常感谢我们的家人和员工捐赠给我们的在线拍卖〜没有您的支持,我们无法为我们的FSK社区组织这次活动筹款活动!

FSK PTA董事会成员职位将于2021年秋季空缺!从2021年7月开始,我们正在寻找新的PTA董事会成员候选人,以担任筹款副总裁,会员副总裁和外展副总裁的角色。我们以前的董事会成员职位到期,我们有很多目前在董事会任职的志愿者父母和员工,将会帮助新成员。如果您想在3月22日之前加入我们的董事会,请告诉我们,以便我们可以在下次PTA会议上宣布您的候选人资格。有兴趣了解有关董事会合约的更多信息吗?请在3月22日之前通过电子邮件发送给我们的PTA 主席,凯(Kai)。我们期待着欢迎新的董事会成员!我们感谢我们美好的FSK社区…让我们继续支持我们的学校并共同加强我们的PTA!


SF低薪工人及其家庭的$ 500激励措施

有关COVID-19疫苗的更新和通知,请单击此链接。 (中文,西班牙文,菲律宾文)

校餐更新-P-EBT支持:  确保您的孩子有资格获得免费或低价学校餐。如果还没有,请提交“多用途家庭收入表格”以在线更新家庭收入信息。确保您的邮寄地址正确。检查您已归档的地址或通过在ParentVUE中在线填写紧急卡表格来更新它。加利福尼亚州将在3月到6月之间将明信片直接邮寄给家庭。家庭不需要申请。福利最近增加了15%,其中包括未收到的任何八月和九月资金。与学校餐食一样,无论公民身份如何,都可以使用P-EBT,因此不被视为“公共收费”。








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