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Principals’ Monday Message ~ February 8th

Happy Week 23!  We had quite a busy week last week. Hope many of you enjoyed the dance party celebrating our diversity.  Despite the politics, press releases and the continuous threat of COVID-19, we are so proud and humbled by the togetherness and strong connection of our community.  We are making every effort within our ability to support the students and their families.  Thank you for your continuous support and trust!  We apologize for the long message this week.  There are so many things we need to inform you about and hopefully you find these updates useful.

This week, we will continue to celebrate Black History month.  Students are learning about the achievements and contributions of African Americans through readings, class discussions and research.  In addition, we have three holidays at the end of this week.  First is Lunar New Year on Feb. 12.  It is also called Spring Festival, a major holiday celebrated by many of our families.  This is the time families and friends get together, enjoy many art activities, eat good food, and share traditions. Even though we can not celebrate the traditional way this year, we can still celebrate in a unique virtual way. To kick off the celebration, our Mandarin Club students recorded a video wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! 新年快乐 (xin nian kuai le)!  Next week, we will share with you a very special video made by our ELAC families.  Here is the link for some fun craft ideas: draw a dragon, make lanterns, origami ox, etc…enjoy!

Valentine and Presidents’ Day are this coming Sunday and following Monday.  We will have a 4-day weekend (no classes on 2/12 and 2/15).  Please enjoy the time with your loved ones and rejuvenate for the coming weeks.  We will be starting many assessments of our students.  In order for our teachers to know what students have learned and understood, they will be working with students reading and math milestone assessments. Please encourage your student(s) to do their best. For English Language Learners, we will start their language assessments in March and April. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Please click here to view your Monday Morning video Message from Ms. Kasner & Ms. Maffei.

Updates for this week:

1. Return Safely Together Updates.  SFUSD continues to plan and prepare to reopen school sites. Here are some updates:

  • FSK has completed the first round of redesigning the classrooms to accommodate 14 students and 2 adults in each classroom. As you know, the return date for our first group of students has been postponed.  We  will keep you informed once I receive more info. Please click here to see progress.
  • SFUSD In-Person Phase 2A Registration Survey Results: As of today, FKS has 186 families said “yes” to In-Person Learning which is 70% of the families from K – Grade 2. We will use this information to plan for school reopening.
  • Read the latest bargaining updates from February 1 and January 29 here.
  • Dr. Matthews and Board of Education President Lopez issued a statement in response to an announcement that San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is suing the SF Board of Education and SFUSD related to in-person learning.
  • Family Resources: COVID-19 Vaccination Site for Those Over 65. For COVID-19 Vaccine updates and notification, please click on this link. ( Chinese, Spanish, Filipino). Check the date and time at the location for you. Please bring an ID with your proof of age and residency, i.e. utility bill or driver’s license.

2.  School Meal Updates

  • Pandemic-EBT: Two Steps to Take.  California is getting ready to issue Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) benefits for the 20-21 school year. Eligible families can receive a P-EBT card with funds to purchase food while school buildings are closed. To receive P-EBT, review the following before February 22:
  • Ensure your children are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. If you haven’t already, update your household income information online by submitting the Multipurpose Family Income Form.
  • Ensure your mailing address is correct. Check which address you have on file or update it by completing the Emergency Card form online in ParentVUE.
  • The State of California will mail cards directly to families March through June. Families do not need to apply. Benefits have recently been increased by 15% and will include any August and September funds not received. Like school meals, P-EBT is available regardless of citizenship status and is not considered a “public charge.”
  • Note: All students enrolled in Community Eligibility Provision schools, receiving CalFresh or CalWORKs, or who are homeless, migrant, or foster, are automatically eligible and do not need to submit the Multipurpose Family Income Form. Please ensure your mailing address is correct!

Dates to remember:

1. PTA General Meeting:  Thursday, 2/11 @ 6:30 pm, updates on school reopening and school wide info; Zoom link was shared by email.

2.  NO SCHOOL on Friday, 2/12 – Lunar New Year Holiday  and  Monday, 2/15 – Presidents’ Day Holiday. 

3. ELAC Meeting: Friday, 2/19 @ 6:30 pm ~ Community meeting,  planning for 2022, games, and fun.

4. Lunar New Year Virtual Celebration, Year of the Ox, resources for family programs online include, but are not limited to:

5. We have our very fun FSK PTA Online Auction & Virtual Events coming up March 13 – 19! We would love SPONSORS and DONATIONS to make this a successful event for our school; please email our Auction Chairs, Katie & Tina, today at  auctiongalachair@fskey.orgYou may find the flyers and other Auction info at our webpage:

6. Future dates to remember:

  • Family Wellness Check #3:   2/1/2021 – 3/12/2021
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Week:   3/8/2021 – 3/12/2021
  • Spring Break:   3/29/2021 – 4/2/2021 → No Classes/School
  • César Chávez Day (observed):  3/29/2021
  • Memorial Day:  5/31/2021
  • Last day of school:  6/1/2021

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the 4 day weekend!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sending you all big hugs and love,

Ms. Kasner and Ms. Maffei


祝第23周快乐!欢迎回来!上周我们忙了一个星期!我希望你们中的许多人都喜欢庆祝我们多元化的舞会。尽管政治,新闻发布以及COVID-19的持续威胁,但我为我们社区的团结和紧密联系感到自豪和谦卑。我们会尽力支持学生及其家人。感谢您一直以来的支持和信任! 对于本周的冗长消息,我深表歉意。有很多事情我需要通知您,希望您发现这些有用。

本周,我们将继续庆祝黑人历史月!通过阅读,课堂讨论和研究,学生正在学习我们非洲裔美国人的成就和贡献。此外,本周末我们有三个假期。首先是2月12日是农历新年。也称为春节,这是我们许多家庭庆祝的重要节日。家人和朋友聚在一起,享受许多艺术活动,品尝美食,分享传统。即使我们不能以传统方式庆祝,我们仍然可以以独特的虚拟方式庆祝。为庆祝活动拉开序幕,我们普通话俱乐部的学生录制了一段视频,祝大家农历新年快乐!新年快乐(xin nian kuai le)!下周,我们将与您分享由我们的ELAC家庭制作的非常特别的视频。这里是一些有趣的手工艺品创意的链接:画龙,做灯笼,折纸牛等等,尽情享受!




1.  安全地返回学校信息:

  • SFUSD继续计划并准备重新开放校园。这里有一些更新:
  • FSK已完成了第一轮教室的重新设计,每个教室可容纳14名学生和2位成人。如您所知,我们第一批学生的回国日期已经推迟。收到更多信息后,我会及时通知您。请单击此处查看进度。
  • SFUSD个人本人2A期注册调查结果:截至今天,FKS已有186个家庭对个人本人学习表示“是”,这是70%的K级(2级)家庭的信息。我们将使用此信息来计划学校重新开放。
  • 在此处阅读2月1日至1月29日的最新议价更新。
  • Matthews博士和教育委员会主席洛佩兹(Lopez)发表声明,以回应旧金山市检察官丹尼斯·埃雷拉(Dennis Herrera)起诉SF教育委员会和SFUSD与亲自学习有关的声明。

2. 家庭资源:

  • 65岁以上人群的COVID-19疫苗接种地点
  • 有关COVID-19疫苗的更新和通知,请单击此链接。 (中文,西班牙文,菲律宾文)
  • 在您的社区检查日期和时间。请带上您的年龄和居住证明的ID,即水电费账单或驾驶执照。
  • 校餐更新
  • 大流行EBT:采取两个步骤
  • 加州正准备在20-21学年发放大流行EBT(P-EBT)福利。符合条件的家庭可以在学校大楼关闭时获得带有购买食物的P-EBT卡。要接收P-EBT,请在2月22日之前查看以下内容:
  • 确保您的孩子有资格获得免费或低价学校餐。如果还没有,请提交“多用途家庭收入表格”以在线更新家庭收入信息。
  • 确保您的邮寄地址正确。检查您已归档的地址或通过在ParentVUE中在线填写紧急卡表格来更新它。
  • 加利福尼亚州将在3月到6月之间将明信片直接邮寄给家庭。家庭不需要申请。福利最近增加了15%,其中包括未收到的任何八月和九月资金。与学校餐食一样,无论公民身份如何,都可以使用P-EBT,因此不被视为“公共收费”。
  • 注意:所有在社区资格预备学校中就读的,接受CalFresh或CalWORK或无家可归,移民或寄养的学生都自动符合资格,不需要提交“多用途家庭收入表格”。请确保您的邮寄地址正确!


1. PTA全体会议星期四,2/11,下午6:30,有关学校重新开放和学校范围信息的最新信息

2.  2/12星期五-农历新年假期和2/15星期一总统日不开放

3. ELAC会议:2/19星期五,下午6:30-社区会议-计划2022年的游戏,娱乐活动。农历新年虚拟庆祝活动,牛年,在线家庭计划资源包括但不限于

4. 我们将于3月13日至19日举办非常有趣的FSK PTA在线拍卖和虚拟活动!我们希望赞助商和捐赠能够使我们的学校成功举办这项活动;请给我们的拍卖主席Katie&Tina发送电子邮件,地址为。您可以在我们的网页上找到传单和其他拍卖信息:

5. 从2021年2月12日开始,牛年农历新年庆祝活动,我们的许多FSK社区都在为农历新年做准备。今年,将举行虚拟庆祝活动,以在Covid19大流行期间继续确保所有人的安全和健康。在线家庭计划的一些资源包括但不限于:


— “Year of the Ox on Parade”: Public art installation, Feb. 3 – March 14, various San Francisco locations; see info and map of oxen at

— SF Symphony, February 20th:

— SF唐人街青年会的5,000万元人民币/千人跑步,虚拟赛事

— Chinatown on Zoom, February 11th,

— Oliver Chin, reading of “The Year of the Ox: Tales From the Chinese Zodiac,” 3pm, February 18;

— 在农历新年期间为您当地的餐馆,咖啡馆和杂货店提供支持. 与您共同生活的直系家人一起庆祝新年. Sunset Strong shops list.

— 要记住的未来日期:

  • Wellness 检查#3:2/1/2021-2021年3月12日
  • 家长/老师会议周:3/8/2021-3/12/2021
  • 春假:3/29/2021-4/2/2021→没有上学
  • 塞萨尔·查韦斯纪念日(观察到):2021年3月29日
  • 阵亡将士纪念日:5/31/2021
  • 开学最后一天:6/1/2021






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